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No.Part NameDescription
11401Silicon microwave diode
21401-BSilicon microwave diode
31401-DSilicon microwave diode
41402Silicon microwave diode
52-AA113HF germanium diode pair for high-resistance radio detector and discriminator circuits
62-AA116HF germanium diode pair for low resistance radio detector and discriminator circuits
72-AA118HF Germanium tip diode pair for phase discriminator circuits
82-AA119HF germanium tip diode pair for high-resistance ratio detector and discriminator circuits
92-AC128Germanium PNP Transistor
102-AC128KGermanium PNP Transistor
112-AC132Germanium PNP Transistor
122-AC188Germanium PNP Transistor

132-AC188KGermanium PNP Transistor
142-AD1202Germanium PNP Power Switching Transistor
152-AD1203Germanium PNP Power Switching Transistor
162-AD149Germanium PNP Power Transistor
172-AD150Germanium PNP Power Transistor
182-AD162Germanium PNP Power Transistor
192-OA1172HF germanium pair diode for discriminator and radio detector circuits
202-OC1016Germanium junction PNP transistor
212-OC1072Germanium junction PNP transistor
222-OC1074Germanium junction PNP transistor
232-OC26Germanium PNP power transistor
244-AAZ10Germanium diode quartet for ring modulators
254-OA1154QGermanium tip diode quartet for ring modulators
26AA116HF germanium diode for low-resistance rectifier
27AA117Germanium universal tip diode
28AA118Germanium universal tip diode
29AA118UGermanium universal tip diode
30AA119HF germanium tip diode for high-resistance rectifier circuit
31AAZ10Germanium switch diode
32AAZ15Germanium gold wire universal diode
33AAZ17Germanium gold wire switch diode
34AAZ18Germanium gold wire switch diode
35AC107Germanium PNP Transistor
36AC125(Z)Germanium PNP Transistor, red dot collector
37AC125F(Z)Germanium PNP Transistor, red dot collector
38AC125K(Z)Germanium PNP Switching Transistor
39AC125U(Z)Germanium PNP High-Voltage Transistor
40AC125WGermanium PNP Transistor, red dot collector
41AC126Germanium PNP Transistor, red dot is collector
42AC127Germanium NPN Transistor
43AC128Germanium PNP Transistor
44AC128(Z)Germanium PNP Transistor
45AC128KGermanium PNP Transistor
46AC128UGermanium PNP Transistor
47AC132Germanium PNP Transistor
48AC176Germanium NPN Transistor
49AC176KGermanium NPN Transistor
50AC187Germanium NPN Transistor

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