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Tesla Elektronicke

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No.Part NameDescription
11NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
21PP75Photodiode gate for sound recording
32732Memory - Datasheet Reference
42NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
533NQ52Detection and mixer point contact diode
634NQ52Detection and mixer point contact diode
735NQ52Detection and mixer point contact diode
836NQ52Noise diode for noise generator
937NQ52Detection and mixer point contact diode
1038NQ52Subminiature microwave detection diode
1138NQ52ASubminiature microwave detection diode
1239NQ52ASubminiature microwave detection diode, color white

1339NQ52BSubminiature microwave detection diode, color albastru
1439NQ52CSubminiature microwave detection diode, color red
153KB105ATriple varicap diode
163KB105BTriple varicap diode
173KB105GTriple varicap diode
183KB109GTriple varicap diode
193KB113Triple varicap diode KB113
203KB205ATriple varicap KB205A
213KB205BTriple varicap KB205B
223KB205GTriple varicap KB205G
233NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
243WN164 19-1Optoelectronic coupler with optical waveguide
253WN164 19-2Optoelectronic coupler with optical waveguide
263WN164 19-3Optoelectronic coupler with optical waveguide
273WN164 19-4Optoelectronic coupler with optical waveguide
2840NQ70Point-contact microwave detection diode
294DR8213 1/2 digit display unit
304DR821B3 1/2 digit display units
314DR8223 1/2 digit display units
324DR822B3 1/2 digit display units
334DT8213 1/2 digit display unit
344DT821B3 1/2 digit display units
354DT8223 1/2 digit display units
364DT822B3 1/2 digit display units
374GAZ514 Diodes with AU point for switching circuits
384KB109GQuadruple varicap diode
394KB205AQuadruple varicap KB205A
404KB205BQuadruple varicap KB205B
414KB205GQuadruple varicap KB205G
424NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
43561QQ22Color TV tube
445NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
45670QQ22Color TV tube
46671QQ22Color TV tube
476NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
487NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
498NZ70Zener diode for stabilisation
50A31-120WMonochrome picture tube

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