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Comlinear Corporation

Datasheet Catalog - First Page

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No.Part NameDescription
1103-1Application Note - Flash Analog to Digital Converters Optimizing Performance
25960-9203912-Bit, 15MSPS A/D Converter - DESC SMD - CLC935
3730005Evaluation Boards ot the CLC103 and CLC 203
4730006Evaluation Boards ot the CLC103 and CLC 203
5730007Evaluation Board
6730008Evaluation Board for CLC2XX Series (inverting)
7730009Evaluation Board for CLC2XX Series (non-inverting)
8730010Evaluation Board
9730011Evaluation Board for CLC940
10730012Evaluation Board
117300138-Pin Monolithic Amplifier - Evaluation Board
12730015Evaluation Board for CLC922/925/926

13730017Evaluation Board for CLC942
14730019Evaluation Board for CLC560/561
15730023Evaluation Board
16730024Evaluation Board for CLC414/CLC415
17730025Evaluation Board for CLC935/6/7
187300278-Pin Monolithic Amplifier - Evaluation Board
19730028Evaluation Board for CLC532
20730029Evaluation Board for CLC520/522
21730033Evaluation Board for CLC520/522
22730035Evaluation Board
23730039Evaluation Board
24ACCESSORIESProduct Accesories
25AD-01Application Note - Designing with High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Converters
26APP-NOTECurrent-Feedback Amplifiers - Application Note
27CLC100DC to 500MHz Linear Amplifier
28CLC102DC to 250MHz, Linear High Power Amplifier
29CLC103Evaluation Boards ot the CLC103 and CLC 203
30CLC103Fast Settling, High Current Wideband Op Amps
31CLC103AIFast Settling, High Current Wideband Op Amps
32CLC103AMFast Settling, High Current Wideband Op Amps
33CLC104Evaluation Board
34CLC104DC to 1.1 GHz Linear Amplifier
35CLC104AIDC to 1.1 GHz Linear Amplifier
36CLC110Evaluation Board
37CLC110Wideband, Closed-Loop Monolithic Buffer Amplifier
38CLC110A8BWideband, Closed-Loop Monolithic Buffer Amplifier
39CLC110AIBWideband, Closed-Loop Monolithic Buffer Amplifier
40CLC110AJEWideband, Closed-Loop Monolithic Buffer Amplifier
41CLC110AJPWideband, Closed-Loop Monolithic Buffer Amplifier
42CLC110ALCWideband, Closed-Loop Monolithic Buffer Amplifier
43CLC110AMCWideband, Closed-Loop Monolithic Buffer Amplifier
44CLC114Evaluation Board
45CLC114Quad, Low-Power Video Buffer
46CLC114A8BQuad, Low-Power Video Buffer
47CLC114AIBQuad, Low-Power Video Buffer
48CLC114AJEQuad, Low-Power Video Buffer
49CLC114AJPQuad, Low-Power Video Buffer
50CLC114ALCQuad, Low-Power Video Buffer

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