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Datasheets found :: 1675338
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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
208321AKD4112BAKD4112B EVALUATION BOARDAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208322AKD4113192KHZ 24BIT DIR WITH 6:1 SELECTORAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208323AKD4124192KHZ/ 24BIT HIGH PERFORMANCE ASYNCHRONOUS SRCAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208324AKD4309BEvalution boardAKM
208325AKD4309BEvaluation board Rev.A for AK4309BAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208326AKD4316AEvaluation boardAKM
208327AKD4317Evaluation boardAKM
208328AKD4317Evaluation board for AK4317 Rev.AAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208329AKD4351Evaluation boardAKM
208330AKD4351Evaluation board Rev.B for AK4351Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208331AKD4352Evaluation boardAKM
208332AKD4352Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4352Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208333AKD4353Evaluation boardAKM
208334AKD4353Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4353Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208335AKD4355192KHZ 24BIT 6CH DAC FOR DVD AUDIOAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208336AKD4356Evaluation boardAKM
208337AKD4356Evaluation board Rev.B for AK4356Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208338AKD4358192 KHZ 24 BIT 8 CH DAC WITH DSD INPUTAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208339AKD4359192 KHZ 24 BIT 8CH DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems

208340AKD4363Evaluation boardAKM
208341AKD4363Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4363Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208342AKD4364Evaluation boardAKM
208343AKD4364Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4364Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208344AKD4380Evaluation boardAKM
208345AKD4380Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4380Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208346AKD4381108DB 192KHZ 24-BIT 2CH DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208347AKD4382Evaluation boardAKM
208348AKD4382Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4382Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208349AKD4383192kHz 24-Bit 2ch ∆ DAC with DSD inputAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208350AKD4384106dB 192kHz 24-Bit 2ch DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208351AKD4386100DB 96KHZ 24 BIT 2CHAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208352AKD4393Evaluation boardAKM
208353AKD4393Evaluation board Rev.C for AK4393Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208354AKD4394Evaluation boardAKM
208355AKD4394ADVANCED MULTI-BIT 192KHZ 24-BIT DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208356AKD4394, (AKD4394)Evaluation board Rev.C for AK4394Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208357AKD4395Evaluation boardAKM
208358AKD4395ADVANCED MULTI-BIT 192KHZ 24-BIT DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208359AKD4395, (AKD4395)Evaluation board Rev.C for AK4395Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208360AKD4516A3V 16BIT ADC&DAC WITH BUILT-IN PGAAsahi Kasei Microsystems

Datasheets found :: 1675338
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