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Datasheets found :: 1675338
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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
208361AKD4516A, (AKD4516A)Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4516AAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208362AKD4520100dB 20Bit Stereo ADC & DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208363AKD4520AEvaluation boardAKM
208364AKD4520AEVALUATION BOARD REV.B FOR AK4520AAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208365AKD4522Evaluation boardAKM
208366AKD4522EVALUATION BOARD REV.A FOR AK4522Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208367AKD452220BIT STEREO ADC & DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208368AKD4523Evaluation boardAKM
208369AKD4523EVALUATION BOARD REV.A FOR AK4523Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208370AKD452320BIT STEREO ADC & DACAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208371AKD4524Evaluation boardAKM
208372AKD4524Evaluation board Rev.A for AKD4524Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208373AKD452520BIT STEREO ADC & DAC WITH X TAL OSCAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208374AKD4527BEvaluation boardAKM
208376AKD4527B, (AKD4527B)Evaluation board Rev.D for AK4527BAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208377AKD4528Evaluation boardAKM
208378AKD4528Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4528Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208379AKD4532Internet/Network/General Purpose Multimedia Audio CODECAsahi Kasei Microsystems

208380AKD4550Evaluation boardAKM
208381AKD4550LOW POWER & SMALL PACKAGE 16BIT CODECAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208382AKD4550, (AKD4550)Evaluation board Rev.C for AK4550Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208383AKD4551Evaluation boardAKM
208384AKD4551Evaluation board Rev.A for AKD4524Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208385AKD4551, (AKD4551)Evaluation board Rev.C for AKD4551Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208386AKD45523V 96KHZ 24BIT CODECAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208387AKD4562Evaluation boardAKM
208388AKD4562LOW POWER 20BIT CODEC WITH PGAAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208389AKD4562, (AKD4562)Evaluation board Rev.A for AK4562Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208390AKD456416BIT CODEC WITH BUILT-IN ALC AND MIC/HP/SPK-AMPAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208391AKD4640AKD4640 EVALUATION BOARDAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208392AKD464116 BIT CODEC WITH BLUETOOTH INTERFACEAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208393AKD5351Evaluation boardAKM
208394AKD535196kHz Sampling 20bit ADCAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208395AKD5352Evaluation boardAKM
208396AKD535296kHz Sampling 20bit ADCAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208397AKD5352EVALUATION BOARD REV.B FOR AK5352Asahi Kasei Microsystems
208398AKD5352Enhanced Dual bit 20bit ADCAsahi Kasei Microsystems
208399AKD5353Evaluation boardAKM
208400AKD5353Evaluation board Rev.B for AK5353Asahi Kasei Microsystems

Datasheets found :: 1675338
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