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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
6102LM8363Dual - Alarm Digital ClockSANYO
6103LM8363DDual - Alarm Digital ClockSANYO
6104LM8363DHDual - Alarm Digital ClockSANYO
6105LM8363NDual - Alarm Digital ClockSANYO
6106LM8363SDual - Alarm Digital ClockSANYO
6107LM8460Alarm clock. For clock radio, etc.SANYO
6108LM8471Rhythm pattern generator for electronic organSANYO
6109LM8523V(cc): 8.5 to 16V; 50-60Hz counter for tape recorderSANYO
6110LM8560Digital Alarm ClockSANYO
6111LM8560BDigital Alarm ClockSANYO
6112LM8560NDigital Alarm ClockSANYO

6113LM8562Digital Alarm ClockSANYO
6114LMU-TK12ASXXService ManualSANYO
6117LPH14308-01Visible Operation LEDSANYO
6118LV1017Surround Audio Devices: Dolby Surround passive decoderSANYO
6119LV1035MDolby ProLogic DecoderSANYO
6120LV1041Dolby Prologic DecoderSANYO
6121LV1041MDolby Prologic DecoderSANYO
6122LV1050MDolby Pro Logic Surround DecoderSANYO
6123LV1100Digital Surround Audio Signal-Processing ICSANYO
6124LV1110NMDigital Surround Processor ICSANYO
6125LV1116NSurround Processor ICs for Electronic Volume ControlSANYO
6127LV1150Virtual Surround System ICSANYO
6128LV1150MVirtual Surround System ICSANYO
6129LV2105530 MHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer LSISANYO
6130LV2105V530 MHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer LSISANYO
6131LV2134VTelephone and Facsimile ICs: Low-power cordless telephone PLL synthesizerSANYO
6132LV2210VBasic Data Communication Receiver ICSANYO
6133LV23000Single-Chip Tuner IC for Radio/Cassette PlayersSANYO
6134LV23000MSingle-Chip Tuner IC for Radio/Cassette PlayersSANYO
6135LV23002MFM/AM HF Amplifiers: Single-chip turner IC for radio/cassette home stereo systemsSANYO
6136LV2400XUltraminiature FM Radio ICsSANYO
6137LV2700VSpread Spectrum Communications ICSANYO
6138LV3100MParametric EqualizerSANYO
6139LV3400FM Multiplex FilterSANYO
6140LV3400MFM Multiplex FilterSANYO
6141LV3403M3V Operation Filter for FM Multiplex Broadcasting ReceptionSANYO
6142LV4512VTV, VCR, and Video Camera Applications: TV and video tuner ICSANYO
6143LV8011VBrush Motor Drivers iForward/reverse driversj: Single-channel birdirectional motor driverSANYO
6144LV8041FNStepping Motor Drivers (Microstepping): -SANYO
6145LV8210WSystem Drivers: DVD combo drivesSANYO
6146LV8222WSystem Drivers: CD-MD system driverSANYO
6147LV8224FNSystem Drivers: CD-MD system driverSANYO
6148LV9005Optical Sensor Switch ICSANYO
6149LV9005MOptical Sensor Switch ICSANYO
6151MCH3105High-Current Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6152MCH3106DC / DC Converter ApplicationsSANYO
6153MCH3109DC / DC Converter ApplicationsSANYO
6154MCH3144Low-Saturation Voltage TransistorsSANYO
6155MCH3145Low-Saturation Voltage TransistorsSANYO
6156MCH3205High-Current Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6157MCH3206DC / DC Converter ApplicationsSANYO
6158MCH3209DC / DC Converter ApplicationsSANYO
6159MCH3211Low-Saturation Voltage TransistorsSANYO
6160MCH3243Low-Saturation Voltage TransistorsSANYO
6161MCH3244Low-Saturation Voltage TransistorsSANYO
6162MCH3245Low-Saturation Voltage TransistorsSANYO
6163MCH3301Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6164MCH3302Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6165MCH3306Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6167MCH3308Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6168MCH3309Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6169MCH3310Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6170MCH3312Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6171MCH3314Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6172MCH3315Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6173MCH3316Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6174MCH3317Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6175MCH3318Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6176MCH3319Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6177MCH3320Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6178MCH3321Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6179MCH3322Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6180MCH3333Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6181MCH3339Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6182MCH3359Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6183MCH3360Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6184MCH3401Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6185MCH3402Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6186MCH3405Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6187MCH3406Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6188MCH3408Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6189MCH3409Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6190MCH3410Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6191MCH3411Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6192MCH3412Ultrahigh-Speed Switching ApplicationsSANYO
6193MCH3414Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6194MCH3415Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6195MCH3416Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6196MCH3421Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6197MCH3427Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6198MCH3431Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6199MCH3443Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO
6200MCH3444Medium Output MOSFETsSANYO

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