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Datasheet Catalog - Page 40

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No.Part NameDescription
3901LB12578-Unit, Low-Saturation Driver
3902LB12587-Unit, Low-Saturation Driver
3903LB1264V(out): -03 to +11V; V(in): -35 to +9V; V(dc)max: -0.3 to +9V; 150mA; 650mW; Sanyo microchip
3904LB12658-Channel Low-Saturation Driver
3905LB1265M8-Channel Low-Saturation Driver
3906LB12672-Channel, High-Current, Low-Saturation Driver Array
3907LB1267M2-Channel, High-Current, Low-Saturation Driver Array
3908LB12683-Channel, High-Current, Low-Saturation Driver Array
3909LB12726-Unit, Darlington Transistor Array
3910LB12736-Unit, Darlington Transistor Array
3911LB1273R6-Unit, Darlington Transistor Array
3912LB12746-Unit, Darlington Transistor Array

3913LB12757-Unit, Darlington Transistor Array
3914LB1276High-Sensitivity LED Driver Array
3915LB1287Datasheet in Japanese
3916LB1288Darlington Transistor Array
3917LB12908-Channel Driver Array
3918LB12918-Channel Driver Array
3919LB12926-Channel Driver Array
3920LB12936-Channel Driver Array
3921LB12946-Channel Driver Array
3922LB1403N5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter
3923LB1403N_SERIES5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter
3924LB1405Level Meter
3925LB1407AC/DC Voltage Level Meter
3926LB1408Level Meter
3927LB1409Level Meter Driver for 9 LEDs
3928LB1410Level Meter
3929LB1411Level Meter
3930LB1412Level Meter Driver for 12 LEDs
3931LB1412MLevel Meter for 12 LEDs
3932LB1413N5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter
3933LB1415Level Meter
3934LB1416Monolithic Digital IC Level Meter
3935LB1417AC/DC Voltage Level Meter
3936LB1423N5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter
3937LB1426Level Meter
3938LB1433N5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter
3939LB1436Monolithic Digital IC Level Meter
3940LB1443N5-Dot Red/Green LED Level Meter
3941LB1450LED Tuning Indicator
3942LB1473V(cc-peak): -0.3 to +20V; 650mW; AM-FM frequency indicator
3943LB14752-Wire Type Wired Remote Controller
3944LB1475M2-Wire Type Wired Remote Controller
3945LB1617M3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
3946LB16193-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
3947LB1619M3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
3948LB16203-Phase DD Motor Driver
3949LB1630Low-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Driver for Low-Voltage Applications
3950LB1630MLow-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Driver for Low-Voltage Applications
3951LB1633MLow-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Driver for Low-Voltage Applications
3952LB1634Low-Voltage, Low-Saturation Forward/Reverse Motor Driver
3953LB1634MLow-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Driver for Low-Voltage Applications
3954LB1635MLow-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Drive for Low-Voltage Applications
3955LB1636MLow-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Drive for Low-Voltage Applications
3956LB1638Low-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Drive for Low-Voltage Applications
3957LB1638MLow-Saturation Bidirectional Motor Drive for Low-Voltage Applications
3958LB1640NForward/Reverse Motor Driver with Brake
3959LB1641Bidirectional Motor Driver
3960LB1642Bidirectional Motor Driver withÿýBraking Function
3961LB1642BMonolithic Digital IC Bidirectional Motor Driver with Braking Function
3962LB1643Forward/Reverse Motor Driver with Brake
3963LB1644Dual Bidirectional Motor Driver
3964LB1645NBidirectional Motor Driver
3965LB1646VTR Reel Motor Controller
3966LB1648Dual Bidirectional Motor Driver
3967LB1649Dual Bidirectional Motor Driver
3968LB1650Dual Bidirectional Motor Driver
3969LB1651Dual Bidirectional Motor Driver
3970LB1651DDual Bidirectional Motor Driver
3971LB16562-Phase Stepping Motor Driver
3972LB1656MDatasheet in Japanese
3973LB1657M2-Phase Stepping Motor Driver
3974LB16602-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3975LB1660N2-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3976LB16612-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3977LB1662DDC Fan Motor Drivers
3978LB1662MDC Fan Motor Drivers
3979LB16632-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3980LB1663M2-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3981LB1664N2-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3982LB16652-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3983LB16662-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Drivers
3984LB1667Two-Phase Unipolar Drive Brushless Motor Drivers
3985LB1667MTwo-Phase Unipolar Drive Brushless Motor Drivers
3986LB1668Two-Phase Unipolar Drive Brushless Motor Drivers
3987LB1668MTwo-Phase Unipolar Drive Brushless Motor Drivers
3988LB16692-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Driver
3989LB1669M2-Phase Unipolar Brushless Motor Driver
3990LB1670MDriver for Brushless, Sensorless Motors
3991LB1672Brushless-Sensorless Motor Driver
3992LB1672NMBrushless-Sensorless Motor Driver
3993LB1673M3-Phase Brushless, Sensorless Motor Driver
3994LB1674Brushless, Sensorless Motor Driver
3995LB1674MBrushless, Sensorless Motor Driver
3996LB1674VBrushless, Sensorless Motor Driver
3997LB16843-Phase DD Motor Driver
3998LB16873-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
3999LB1687M3-Phase Brushless Motor Driver
4000LB16883-Phase Brushless Motor Driver

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