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TriQuint Semiconductor

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No.Part NameDescription
10603YC103KAT9.9-11.2Gb/s Optical Modulator Driver
20802YC106KAT9.9-11.2Gb/s Optical Modulator Driver
38560593G Basestation SAW Filter
4856308Filter - GPS RF Low insertion loss
5BB0502X7R104M16VNT98209.9-11.2Gb/s Optical Modulator Driver
6CFH400PCS CDMA & UMTS P-HEMT Transistor
7CFH800PCS CDMA & UMTS P-HEMT Transistor
8CGB2402.4 to 2.5 GHz HBT Bluetooth Power Amplifier
9CGB240B2-Stage Bluetooth & WLAN InGaP HBT Power Amplifier
10CGB2412-Stage Bluetooth & WLAN InGaP HBT Power Amplifier
11CLY2High Power Packaged GaAs FET; +23.5 dBm
12CLY5High Power Packaged GaAs FET; +26.5 dBm

13CMH192PCS LNA/Mixer Receiver
14CMH82Cellular LNA/Mixer Receiver
15CMY2110.5-2.5 GHz Linear Mixer w/LO Buffer
16CMY910.8-2.5 GHz Mixer-IF Amp
17CSH210RGeneral Purpose SP2T Switch
18D2575Wavelength-Selected, Direct Modulated Isolated DFB Laser Module
19E4560EML Module Family for up to 40 km (800 ps/nm) Applications
20E4561EML Module Family for up to 80 km (1600 ps/nm) Applications
21ELJ-FAR33MF29.9-11.2Gb/s Optical Modulator Driver
22ERJ-2RKF2740X9.9-11.2Gb/s Optical Modulator Driver
23ETF-8103622 Mb/s clock & data recovery
24GA108511-Output Configurable Clock Buffer
25GA1085MC100011-output configurable clock buffer
26GA108611-Output Clock Buffer
27GA1086MC100011-output clock buffer
28GA1086MC50011-output clock buffer
29GA108711-Output Configurable Clock Buffer
30GA1087MC50011-output configurable clock buffer
31GA1087MC70011-output configurable clock buffer
32GA108811-Output Configurable Clock Buffer
33GA1088MC50011-output configurable clock buffer
34GA1088MC70011-output configurable clock buffer
35S581-4000-149.9-11.2Gb/s Optical Modulator Driver
36SAW-HYBRID-OSCSurface Acoustic Wave Hybrid Oscillator
37TAJA106K016R9.9-11.2Gb/s Optical Modulator Driver
38TGA1045Ku Band Power Amplifier
39TGA1045-EPUKu Band Power Amplifier
40TGA1055Ka Band 2 Watt Power Amplifier
41TGA1055-EPUKa Band 2 Watt Power Amplifier
42TGA107136 - 40 GHz Power Amplifier
43TGA1071-EPU36 - 40 GHz Power Amplifier
44TGA1073A26- 34 GHz Medium Power Amplifier
45TGA1073A-SCC26- 34 GHz Medium Power Amplifier
46TGA1073C36 - 40 GHz Power Amplifier
47TGA1073C-SCC36 - 40 GHz Power Amplifier
48TGA1073G19 - 27 GHz Medium Power Amplifier
49TGA1073G-SCC19 - 27 GHz Medium Power Amplifier
50TGA108126-29 GHz Medium Power Amplifier

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