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The requested file:
is the data sheet for the following electronic components:


#Part NameDescription
1SA100AZener TVSs
2SA100CAZener TVSs
3SA10AZener TVSs
4SA10CAZener TVSs
5SA110AZener TVSs
6SA110CAZener TVSs
7SA11AZener TVSs
8SA11CAZener TVSs
9SA120AZener TVSs
10SA120CAZener TVSs
11SA12AZener TVSs
12SA12CAZener TVSs
13SA130AZener TVSs
14SA130CAZener TVSs
15SA13AZener TVSs
16SA13CAZener TVSs
17SA14AZener TVSs
18SA14CAZener TVSs
19SA150AZener TVSs
20SA150CAZener TVSs
21SA15AZener TVSs
22SA15CAZener TVSs
23SA160AZener TVSs
24SA160CAZener TVSs
25SA16AZener TVSs
26SA16CAZener TVSs
27SA170AZener TVSs
28SA170CAZener TVSs
29SA17AZener TVSs
30SA17CAZener TVSs
31SA18AZener TVSs
32SA18CAZener TVSs
33SA20AZener TVSs
34SA20CAZener TVSs
35SA22AZener TVSs
36SA22CAZener TVSs
37SA24AZener TVSs
38SA24CAZener TVSs
39SA26AZener TVSs
40SA26CAZener TVSs
41SA28AZener TVSs
42SA28CAZener TVSs
43SA30AZener TVSs
44SA30CAZener TVSs
45SA33AZener TVSs
46SA33CAZener TVSs
47SA36AZener TVSs
48SA36CAZener TVSs
49SA40AZener TVSs
50SA40CAZener TVSs
51SA43AZener TVSs
52SA43CAZener TVSs
53SA45AZener TVSs
54SA45CAZener TVSs
55SA48AZener TVSs
56SA48CAZener TVSs
57SA51AZener TVSs
58SA51CAZener TVSs
59SA54AZener TVSs
60SA54CAZener TVSs
61SA58AZener TVSs
62SA58CAZener TVSs
63SA5V0AZener TVSs
64SA5V0CAZener TVSs
65SA60AZener TVSs
66SA60CAZener TVSs
67SA64AZener TVSs
68SA64CAZener TVSs
69SA6V0AZener TVSs
70SA6V0CAZener TVSs
71SA6V5AZener TVSs
72SA6V5CAZener TVSs
73SA70AZener TVSs
74SA70CAZener TVSs
75SA75AZener TVSs
76SA75CAZener TVSs
77SA78AZener TVSs
78SA78CAZener TVSs
79SA7V0AZener TVSs
80SA7V0CAZener TVSs
81SA7V5AZener TVSs
82SA7V5CAZener TVSs
83SA85AZener TVSs
84SA85CAZener TVSs
85SA8V0AZener TVSs
86SA8V0CAZener TVSs
87SA8V5AZener TVSs
88SA8V5CAZener TVSs
89SA90AZener TVSs
90SA90CAZener TVSs
91SA9V0AZener TVSs
92SA9V0CAZener TVSs

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