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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
6880124C080-ISN8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6880224C080-P8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6880324C080-SN8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6880424C08A2-Wire Serial EEPROMAtmel
6880524C08BNote:This product has become 'Obsolete' and is no longer offered as a viable device for design. Please Consider 24LCO8B Instead The 24C01B is an 8K bit Electrically Erasable PROM memory organized as four blocks of 256 x 8-bit with an IMicrochip
6880624C08B-EP8K/16K5.0V I2CO Serial EEPROMsMicrochip
6880724C08B-ESL8K/16K5.0V I2CO Serial EEPROMsMicrochip
6880824C08B-ESN8K/16K5.0V I2CO Serial EEPROMsMicrochip
6880924C08NTwo-wore Serial EEPROMAtmel
6881024C10242-wire Serial EEPROM 1M (131,072 x 8)Atmel
6881124C1282-Wire Serial EEPROMsAtmel
6881224C162-Wire Serial EEPROMAtmel
6881324C1616K-Bit Standard 2-Wire Bus Interface Serial EEPROMFairchild Semiconductor
6881424C168K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6881524C1616/8/4/2/1KbitSerialICBusEEPROMST Microelectronics
6881624C160-EP8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6881724C160-ESN8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6881824C160-IP8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6881924C160-ISN8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip

6882024C160-P8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6882124C160-SN8K/16K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6882224C1642-Wire Serial EEPROMAtmel
6882324C16BNote:This product is not recommended for new designs. Please consider 24LC16B instead.The 24C16B is an 8K bit Electrically Erasable PROM memory organized as eight blocks of 256 x 8-bit with an I2C™ compatible 2-wire serialMicrochip
6882424C16B-EP8K/16K5.0V I2CO Serial EEPROMsMicrochip
6882524C16B-ESL8K/16K5.0V I2CO Serial EEPROMsMicrochip
6882624C16B-ESN8K/16K5.0V I2CO Serial EEPROMsMicrochip
6882724C212-Wire Serial EEPROMAtmel
6882824C2562-Wire Serial EEPROMsAtmel
6882924C256256KBit 2-Wire Bus Interface Serial EEPROM with Write ProtectFairchild Semiconductor
6883024C32 Microchip
6883124C32-I/P32K 5.0V I2C Smart Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883224C32-I/SM32K 5.0V I2C Smart Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883324C320-EP32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883424C320-ESN32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883524C320-EST32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883624C320-IP32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883724C320-ISN32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883824C320-IST32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6883924C320-P32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip
6884024C320-SN32K5.0VSPI Bus Serial EEPROMMicrochip

Datasheets found :: 1726161
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