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Datasheets found :: 1675338
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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
472001ENA1766P-Channel Power MOSFET, -12V, -2A, 198mOhm, Single MCPH3ON Semiconductor
472002ENA1767N-Channel Power MOSFET, 20V, 2A, 104mOhm, Single MCPH3ON Semiconductor
472003ENA1769N-Channel Power MOSFET, 600V, 23A, 0.36 Ohm, TO-3P-3LON Semiconductor
472004ENA1771MMIC, Oscillator, 5V, 6.4dBm@400MHz, SCH6ON Semiconductor
472005ENA17723-Phase Sensor Less Motor DriverON Semiconductor
472006ENA1773Three-phase Brushless DC Sensor-less Motor Driver ICON Semiconductor
472007ENA1790STK760-213A-E Data SheetON Semiconductor
472008ENA1793ASingle-Phase Rectification Active ConverterON Semiconductor
472009ENA17984-Channel BTL Power AmplifierON Semiconductor
472010ENA1799Bipolar Transistor, -50V, -10A, Low VCE(sat) PNP TO-220F-3FSON Semiconductor
472011ENA1800Bipolar Transistor, 50V, 10A, Low VCE(sat) NPN TO-220F-3FSON Semiconductor
472012ENA1813N-Channel Power MOSFET, 20V, 3.5A, 64mOhm, Single MCPH3ON Semiconductor
472013ENA1817Schottky Barrier Diode, 100V, 8A, Low IR, Monolithic Dual TP Common CathodeON Semiconductor
472014ENA1818Motor Driver, Single-Phase, PWM, Full-Wave, BrushlessON Semiconductor
472015ENA1822Power MOSFET, 60V, 3A, 80mOhm, -60V, -2.5A, 137mOhm, Complementary Dual VEC8ON Semiconductor
472016ENA1823Front Monitor Optoelectronic IC for Optical PickupsON Semiconductor
472017ENA18288-bit Microcontroller with integrated 8K-byte Flash ROM and 256-byte RAMON Semiconductor
472018ENA1832Planar Ultrafast Rectifier, Fast trr type, 20A, 600V, 50ns, TO-220F-2FSON Semiconductor
472019ENA1833Multi-Power Supply System IC for Car Audio SystemsON Semiconductor

472020ENA18358-bit Microcontroller with USB-host controller integrated 16K-byte Flash ROM and 2048-byte RAMON Semiconductor
472021ENA1836Bipolar Transistor 200V 0.7A Low VCE(sat) NPN Single PCPON Semiconductor
472022ENA1837Bipolar Transistor, 200V, 0.7A, Low VCE(sat), NPN Single TO-126MLON Semiconductor
472023ENA18384-Channel BTL Power AmplifierON Semiconductor
472024ENA1839MMIC, Mixer, IIP3=15dBm, Gc=-0.5dB@450MHz, MCPH6ON Semiconductor
472025ENA18408-bit LCD Driver Microcontroller with integrated 16K-byte ROM and 512-byte RAMON Semiconductor
472026ENA18418-bit LCD Driver Microcontroller with 32K-byte Flash ROM and 2048-byte RAMON Semiconductor
472027ENA1845Planar Ultrafast Rectifier, Low VF type, 20A, 600V, 1.4V, TO-220F-2FSON Semiconductor
472028ENA1851Planar Ultrafast Rectifier, Fast trr type, 5A, 400V, 50ns, TP/TP-FAON Semiconductor
472029ENA1854N-Channel Power MOSFET 30V, 1.8A, 180mOhm, Single SCH6ON Semiconductor
472030ENA1859FM modulator and demodulator for audio signalsON Semiconductor
472031ENA186016-bit Microcontroller with 96K-byte Flash ROM and 6K-byte RAMON Semiconductor
472032ENA1861N-Channel Power MOSFET, 30V, 3.5A, 72mOhm, Single SCH6ON Semiconductor
472033ENA1862N-Channel IGBT, 400V, 150A, VCE(sat);4.2V, Single ECH8ON Semiconductor
472034ENA1867P-Channel Power MOSFET, -30V, -2A, 150m Ohm, Single SCH6ON Semiconductor
472035ENA18698-bit Microcontroller with 50K-byte Flash ROM and 1536-byte RAMON Semiconductor
472036ENA18728-bit LCD Driver Microcontroller with 192K-byte Flash ROM and 8K-byte RAMON Semiconductor
472037ENA1875Switching Regulator, Non-Synchronous Rectification, Step-Down, 1-ChannelON Semiconductor
472038ENA1878Three-Phase All Wave Sensor-less Motor Driver for Notebook PCON Semiconductor
472039ENA1879Electronic Volume IC for portable sound equipment or PND (Personal Navigation Device)ON Semiconductor
472040ENA1880P-Channel Power MOSFET, -60V, -1.8A, 250mOhm, Single CPH3ON Semiconductor

Datasheets found :: 1675338
Page: << | 11796 | 11797 | 11798 | 11799 | 11800 | 11801 | 11802 | 11803 | 11804 | 11805 | 11806 | >>

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