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Datasheets found :: 1696699
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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
308481BPW96CPhoto DetectorsVishay
308482BPW97Silicon PIN PhotodiodeVishay
308483BPX28Silicon photo-electronic control unit containing: one silicon photo element, one silicon NPN transistor and two silicon diodes, suitable for direct relay drivingAEG-TELEFUNKEN
308484BPX34Silicon P/N photo elements line containing 50 integrated elements for readout array with fine scanningAEG-TELEFUNKEN
308485BPX37Silicon NPN epitaxial planar phototransistorAEG-TELEFUNKEN
308486BPX38NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308488BPX38-2NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308489BPX38-3NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308490BPX38-4Silicon NPN PhototransistorVishay
308491BPX38-5NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308492BPX38-5Silicon NPN PhototransistorVishay
308493BPX38-6Silicon NPN PhototransistorVishay
308494BPX43NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308496BPX43Silicon NPN PhototransistorVishay
308497BPX43-2NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308498BPX43-3NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308499BPX43-4NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens

308500BPX43-5NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308501BPX48Silizium-Differential-Fotodiode Silicon Differential PhotodiodeSiemens
308502BPX48FSilizium-Differential-Fotodiode Silicon Differential PhotodiodeOSRAM
308503BPX58Phototransistor line containing 10 silicon NPN transistors for readout arraysAEG-TELEFUNKEN
308504BPX59Silicon NPN photo darlingtontransistorAEG-TELEFUNKEN
308505BPX60Silizium-Fotodiode mit erhohter Blauempfindlichkeit Silicon Photodiode with Enhanced Blue SensitiveSiemens
308506BPX61Silizium-PIN-Fotodiode Silicon PIN PhotodiodeSiemens
308507BPX63Silizium-Fotodiode mit sehr kleinem Dunkelstrom Silicon Photodiode with Very Low Dark CurrentSiemens
308508BPX65Silicon PIN PhotodiodeInfineon
308509BPX65Silizium-PIN-Fotodiode Silicon PIN PhotodiodeSiemens
308510BPX66Silizium-PIN-Fotodiode Silicon PIN PhotodiodeSiemens
308511BPX79Silizium-Fotoelement mit erhohter Blauempfindlichkeit Silicon Photovoltaic Cell with Enhanced Blue SensitivitySiemens
308512BPX8-4NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308513BPX80NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Zeilen Silicon NPN Phototransistor ArraysSiemens
308514BPX81NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308515BPX81-2NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308516BPX81-3NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN PhototransistorSiemens
308517BPX82NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Zeilen Silicon NPN Phototransistor ArraysSiemens
308518BPX83NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Zeilen Silicon NPN Phototransistor ArraysSiemens
308519BPX84NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Zeilen Silicon NPN Phototransistor ArraysSiemens
308520BPX85NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Zeilen Silicon NPN Phototransistor ArraysSiemens

Datasheets found :: 1696699
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