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Datasheets found :: 1726161
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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
299441BC32825BUPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299442BC32825TAPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299443BC32840PNP EPITAXIAL SILICON TRANSISTORFairchild Semiconductor
299444BC32840BUPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299445BC32840TAPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299446BC328A 0.625W General Purpose PNP Plastic Leaded Transistor. 60V Vceo, 0.800A Ic, 100 - 400 hFEContinental Device India Limited
299447BC328APMedium power PNP transistorsFERRANTI
299448BC328BPMedium power PNP transistorsFERRANTI
299449BC328BUPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299450BC328CPMedium power PNP transistorsFERRANTI
299451BC328PMedium power PNP transistorsFERRANTI
299452BC328TAPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299453BC328TARPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299454BC328TFPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299455BC328TFRPNP Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
299456BC337 0.625W General Purpose NPN Plastic Leaded Transistor. 45V Vceo, 0.800A Ic, 100 - 630 hFEContinental Device India Limited
299457BC337Si-Epitaxial PlanarTransistorsDiotec Elektronische
299458BC337Switching and Amplifier ApplicationsFairchild Semiconductor
299459BC337Small Signal Transistors (NPN)General Semiconductor

299460BC337NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar TransistorHoney Technology
299461BC337NPN Silicon AF TransistorInfineon
299462BC337Silicon planar-epitaxial transistor, low frequency, low power NPNIPRS Baneasa
299463BC337Silicon NPN Epitaxial Planar AF TransistorsIPRS Baneasa
299464BC337General Purpose TransistorKorea Electronics (KEC)
299465BC337Low frequency transistormble
299466BC337Low frequency transistormble
299467BC337Low frequency transistormble
299469BC337Amplifier TransistorMotorola
299470BC337Silicon n-p-n medium power transistorMullard
299471BC337N-P-N Silicon Planar Epitaxial TransistorMullard
299472BC337Transistor Silicon Plastic NPNON Semiconductor
299473BC337NPN general purpose transistorPhilips
299474BC337NPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for switching and amplifier applicationsSemtech
299475BC337NPN silicon transistor, audio amplification and general purposeSESCOSEM
299476BC337Transistor NPNSiemens
299477BC337NPN Silicon Transistor for AF driver stages as well as for universal applicationsSiemens
299478BC337NPN Silicon AF Transistors (High current gain High collector current Low collector-emitter saturation voltage)Siemens
299479BC337Tranzystor małej częstotliwości małej mocyUltra CEMI
299480BC337Transistor. Switching and ampplifier applications. Suitable for AF-driver stagees and power output stages. Collector-base Vcbo = 50V. Collector-emitter Vceo= 45V. Emitter-base Vebo = 5V. Collector dissipation Pc = 625mW. Collector currentUSHA India LTD

Datasheets found :: 1726161
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