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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
9501SI1905DLDual P-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9502SI1906DLN-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9503SI1907DLDual P-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9504SI1912EDHN-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFET with Copper LeadframeVishay
9505SI1913DHDual P-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9506SI1913EDHP-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9507SI1917EDHP-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9508SI2301ADSP-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9509SI2301BDP-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9510SI2301BDSP-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9511SI2301BDS-T1P-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9512SI2301DS20-V (D-S) SingleVishay

9513SI2301DS-T1P-Channel 1.25-W/ 2.5-V MOSFETVishay
9514SI2302ADSN-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9515SI2302ADS-T1N-Channel 1.25-W/ 2.5-V MOSFETVishay
9516SI2302DS20-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9517SI2303ADSP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9518SI2303BDSP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9519SI2303DSP-Channel 30-V (D-S) Rated MOSFETVishay
9520SI2304BDSN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9521SI2304DS30-V (D-S), SingleVishay
9522SI2305DSP-Channel 1.25-W, 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9523SI2306DSN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9524SI2306DS-T1N-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9525SI2307DSP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9526SI2308DSN-Channel 60-V (D-S) Rated MOSFETVishay
9527SI2308DS-T1N-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9528SI2309DSP-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9529SI2311DSP-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9530SI2312DSN-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9531SI2312DS-T1N-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9532SI2314EDSN-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9533SI2315BDSP-Channel 1.25-W, 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9534SI2315DSP-Channel 1.25-W, 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9535SI2315DS-T1P-Channel 1.25-W/ 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9536SI2316DSN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9537SI2318DSN-Channel 40-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9538SI2319DSP-Channel 40-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9539SI2320DSN-Channel 200-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9540SI2321DSP-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9541SI2321DS-T1P-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9542SI2323DSP-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9543SI2328DSN-Channel 100-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9544SI2331DSP-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9545SI2333DSP-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9546SI2335DSP-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9547SI2341DSP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9548SI2341DS-T1P-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9549SI2343DSP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9550SI3420DVN-Channel 200-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9551SI3422DVN-Channel 200-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9552SI3424DVN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9553SI3430DVN-Channel 100-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9554SI3430DV-T1N-Channel 100-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9555SI3433BDVP-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9556SI3433DVP-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9557SI3434DVN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9558SI3435DVP-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9559SI3440DVN-Channel 150-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9560SI3441BDVP-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9561SI3441DVP-Channel 2.5V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9562SI3442BDVN-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9563SI3442BDV-T1-E3N-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9564SI3442DV20-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9565SI3443DVP-Channel 2.5-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9566SI3445DVP-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9567SI3446DV20-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9568SI3447BDVP-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9569SI3447BDV-T1P-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9570SI3447BDV-T1-E3P-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9571SI3447DVP-Channel 1.8-V (G-S) MOSFETVishay
9572SI3454ADV30-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9573SI3454ADV-T1N-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9574SI3454ADV-T1-E3N-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9575SI3454DV30-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9576SI3455ADVP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9577SI3455ADV-T1P-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9578SI3455ADV-T1-E3P-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9579SI3455DV30-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9580SI3456BDVN-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9581SI3456DV30-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9582SI3457BDVP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9583SI3457BDV-T1P-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9584SI3457BDV-T1-E3P-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9585SI3457DV30-V (D-S) SingleVishay
9586SI3458DVN-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9587SI3459DVP-Channel 60-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9588SI3460DVN-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9589SI3460DV-T1N-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9590SI3471DVP-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9591SI3473DVP-Channel 12-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9592SI3481DVP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9593SI3483DVP-Channel 30-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9594SI3493DVP-Channel 20V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9595SI3493DV-T1P-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9596SI3493DV-T1-E3P-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9597SI3552DVN-/P-Channel 30-V (D-S) Rated MOSFETVishay
9598SI3585DVN- and P-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9599SI3586DVN- and P-Channel 20-V (D-S) MOSFETVishay
9600SI3588DVN-/P-Channel 20-V (D-S) Rated MOSFETVishay

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