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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
2151LCX026ALE2.3cm(0.9-inch)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2152LCX026ALF2.3cm(0.9-inch)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2153LCX026ALG2.3cm(0.9-inch)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2154LCX026BLT2.3cm(0.9-inch) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2155LCX0271.4cm (0.55-inch) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2156LCX027AK1.4cm(0.55-inch)NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2157LCX027AKB1.4cm(0.55-inch)NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2158LCX0284.6cm (1.8-inch) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2159LCX028ALT4.6cm(1.8-inch)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2160LCX028AMT4.6cm(1.8-inch) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2161LCX028BLT4.6cm(1.8-inch)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2162LCX028BMT4.6cm(1.8-inch)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY

2163LCX029CNT2.3cm(0.9 Type) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2164LCX029CPT2.3cm(0.9 Type) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2165LCX029CRT2.3cm(0.9 Type) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2166LCX029CST2.3cm(0.9 Type) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2167LCX0321.4cm (0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2168LCX032AK1.4cm (0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2169LCX032AKB1.4cm (0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2170LCX032ANB1.1cm(0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2171LCX0331.1cm (0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2172LCX033AK1.1cm (0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2173LCX033AKB1.1cm (0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2174LCX033ANB1.4cm(0.44 Type) NTSC/PAL Color LCD PanelSONY
2175LCX034ALT1.8cm(0.7Type) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2176LCX036AMT4.6cm (1.8-type) Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2177LCX037BLT3.4cm(1.35 Type)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2178LCX038ART1.8cm(0.7 Type)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2179LCX038AST1.8cm(0.7 Type)Black-and-White LCD PanelSONY
2180MCX18LG0AMicro Unit CCDSONY
2181MCX18LG0BMicro Unit CCDSONY
2182MCX18N00AMicro Unit CCDSONY
2183MCX18N00BMicro Unit CCDSONY
2184SBX1601ASerial Interface / Transmission EncoderSONY
2185SBX1602ASerial Interface / Transmission EncoderSONY
2186SE-126Sony Ericsson reports strong increase in sales and shipments for its two core business areas GSM and Japanese standardsSONY
2187SGM2013GaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2188SGM2013NGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2189SGM2014GaAs N-channel Dual Gate MES FETSONY
2190SGM2014AMGaAs N-channel Dual Gate MES FETSONY
2191SGM2014ANGaAs N-channel Dual Gate MES FETSONY
2192SGM2014MGaAs N-channel Dual Gate MES FETSONY
2193SGM2016GaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2194SGM2016AMGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2195SGM2016AM/APGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2196SGM2016ANGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2197SGM2016APGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2198SGM2016MGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2199SGM2016M/PGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY
2200SGM2016PGaAs N-channel Dual-Gate MES FETSONY

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