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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1101CXG1050TNReceiving Dual-Band MixerSONY
1102CXG1051AFNPower Amplifier/Antenna Switch +SONY
1103CXG1053FNPower Amplifier/Antenna Switch +SONY
1104CXG1060NHigh-Frequency SPDT Antenna SwitchSONY
1105CXG1061TNLow Noise Down Conversion Mixer for PHSSONY
1106CXG1063TNHigh Power 2 x 4 Antenna Switch MMICSONY
1107CXG1064ATNHigh Power 2x4 Antenna Switch MMIC withSONY
1108CXG1068NSP4T Antenna Switch for GSM Dual bandSONY
1109CXG1077TNHigh Power SPDT SwitchSONY
1110CXG1081TNReceiving Dual-Band MixerSONY
1111CXG1082ENReceive Dual Low Noise Amplifier/MixerSONY
1112CXG1090ENHigh Power 2x4 Antenna Switch MMIC withSONY

1113CXG1090TNHigh Power 2x4 Antenna Switch MMIC with IntegratedSONY
1114CXG1091TNSP4T GSM Dualband Antenna Switch 5V +LogicSONY
1115CXG1092SP5T GSM Triple-Band Antenna SwitchSONY
1116CXG1092NSP5T GSM Triple-Band Antenna SwitchSONY
1117CXG1096FNPower Amplifier/Antenna Switch +SONY
1118CXG1097ENLow Noise Amplifier with Bypass Switch/MixerSONY
1119CXG1100TNHigh Power DPDT Switch with Logic ControlSONY
1120CXG1101TNSP3T Antenna Switch for TDMA800/1900/AMPS800SONY
1121CXG1104TNHigh Power SPDT Switch with Logic ControlSONY
1122CXG1106ENHigh Power 2x4 Antenna Switch MMIC withSONY
1123CXG1106TNHigh Power 2x4 Antenna Switch MMICSONY
1124CXG1108KPower Amplifier Module for JCDMASONY
1125CXG1109ENReceive Dual Low Noise Amplifier/MixerSONY
1126CXG1111EN800MHz Band Receive MixerSONY
1127CXG1115ERDual-band Low Noise Amplifier/MixerSONY
1128CXG1117KPower Amplifier Module for JCDMASONY
1129CXG1118ERDual-band Low Noise Amplifier/MixerSONY
1130CXG1121TNSP4T GSM/GPRS Dual-Band Antenna Switch + LogicSONY
1131CXG1122ENSP5T GSM Triple-Band/GPRS Antenna SwitchSONY
1132CXG1125ERHigh Power 6x4 Antenna Switch MMIC withSONY
1133CXG1126ENHigh Power DP3T Switch with Logic ControlSONY
1134CXG1127ERHigh Power 5x4 Antenna Switch MMIC withSONY
1135CXG1130AERTriple Low Noise Amplifier/Dual MixerSONY
1136CXG1131ERHigh Power 3x5 Antenna Switch MMIC withSONY
1137CXG1134ENHigh Power SPDT Switch with Logic ControlSONY
1138CXG1144AENHight Frequency SwitchSONY
1139CXG1144ENHight Frequency SwitchSONY
1140CXG1146ENHight Frequency SwitchSONY
1142CXG1166AERAntenna SwitchSONY
1143CXG1166ERAntenna SwitchSONY
1144CXG1171URHight Frequency SwitchSONY
1145CXG1172URHight Frequency SwitchSONY
1146CXG1173URHight Frequency SwitchSONY
1147CXG1174URHight Frequency SwitchSONY
1148CXG1177URHight Frequency SwitchSONY

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