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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1051CXD3412Timing Generator and Signal Processor for Frame Readout CCD Image SensorSONY
1052CXD3412GATiming Generator and Signal Processor forSONY
1053CXD3422GATiming Generator and Signal Processor forSONY
1054CXD3423GATiming Generator and Signal Processor forSONY
1055CXD3500RTiming Generator for LCD PanelsSONY
1056CXD3503RColor Shading Correction IC for Liquid CrystalSONY
1057CXD3504RSelective Delay Line for LCDSONY
1058CXD3508ATQLCD Interface ICSONY
1059CXD3508BTQLCD Interface ICSONY
1060CXD3508TQLCD Interface ICSONY
1061CXD3511Digital Signal Driver/Timing GeneratorSONY
1062CXD3511AQDigital Signal Driver/Timing GeneratorSONY

1063CXD3511QDigital Signal Driver/Timing GeneratorSONY
1064CXD3513Interface and Driver IC for LCDSONY
1065CXD3513GGInterface and Driver IC for LCDSONY
1066CXD3519Reference Voltage and Driver IC for LCDSONY
1067CXD3519TQReference Voltage and Driver IC for LCDSONY
1068CXD3521GGInterface and Driver IC for LCDSONY
1069CXD3526GGDigital Signal Driver/Timing GeneratorSONY
1070CXD3536RDigital Signal Driver/Timing GeneratorSONY
1071CXD3605RTiming Generator for Frame ReadoutSONY
1072CXD3606RTiming Generator for Frame ReadoutSONY
1073CXD3607RTiming Generator for Progressive ScanSONY
1074CXD3611RTiming Generator for Frame ReadoutSONY
1075CXD3615RTiming Generator for Frame Readout CCD Image SensorSONY
1076CXD3619RTiming Generator for Frame Readout CCD Image SensorSONY
1077CXD8302QPLL for CCD CamerasSONY
1078CXG1006NHigh-Frequency SPDT Antenna SwitchSONY
1079CXG1008High Isolation SPDT SwitchSONY
1080CXG1008NHigh Isolation SPDT SwitchSONY
1081CXG1009TNHigh Isolation SPDT SwitchSONY
1082CXG1010NPower Amplifier for PHSSONY
1083CXG1012NHigh-Frequency SPTD Antenna SwitchSONY
1084CXG1013N1.7 to 2.0GHz Low Amplifier/Down Conversion MixerSONY
1085CXG1014N1.5GHz Low Noise Amplifier/Down Conversion MixerSONY
1086CXG1015NPower Amplifier/Antenna Switch for PHSSONY
1087CXG1016NHigh-Frequency SPDT Antenna SwitchSONY
1088CXG1017GSM1800/1900 DPDT TX/RX Antenna SwitchSONY
1089CXG1017NGSM1800/1900 DPDT TX/RX Antenna SwitchSONY
1090CXG1022High-Frequency SPDT Antenna SwitchSONY
1091CXG1022TMHigh-Frequency SPDT Antenna SwitchSONY
1092CXG1024NHigh-Frequency SPDT Antenna SwitchSONY
1093CXG1027TMDriver Amplifier for TransmissionSONY
1094CXG1028ATNGSM900/1800/1900 SPDT TX/RX SwitchSONY
1095CXG1030NPower Amplifier for PHSSONY
1096CXG1034TNReceiving MixerSONY
1097CXG1039TNHigh Isolation Absorptive SPDT Switch MMIC withSONY
1098CXG1040TNHigh Isolation DPDT SwitchSONY
1099CXG1045NHigh Power DPDT Switch for GSMSONY
1100CXG1047FNDual-Band 3V Power Amplifier for GSM900/DCS1800SONY

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