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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
451CXA1810ARLuminance and Color Signal Processing for 8mm VCRSONY
452CXA1812S-terminal Compatible Video I/OSONY
453CXA1812QS-terminal Compatible Video I/OSONY
454CXA18148 mm VCR ATFSONY
456CXA1819RGB Driver for LCDSONY
457CXA1819QRGB Driver for LCDSONY
458CXA1821RF Amplifier for CD PlayersSONY
459CXA1821MRF Amplifier for CD PlayersSONY
460CXA1826Q6-bit 140MSPS Flash A/D ConverterSONY
461CXA1829N8ch. Read/Write Amplifier for Thin Film Heads ofSONY
462CXA18423-Mode Surround and Vocal CancellationSONY

463CXA1842S3-Mode Surround and Vocal CancellationSONY
464CXA1843QHigh-Speed Sample-and-Hold ICSONY
465CXA1844Q10-bit 33MSPS A/D ConverterSONY
466CXA1845QI^2C Bus-Compatible Audio/Video SwitchSONY
467CXA1846AMElectronic volume controlSONY
468CXA1846AM/ANElectronic volume controlSONY
469CXA1846ANElectronic volume controlSONY
470CXA1846MElectronic volume controlSONY
471CXA1846M/NElectronic volume controlSONY
472CXA1846NElectronic volume controlSONY
473CXA1851Up/Down Converter for 900 MHz-Band Mobile CommunicationsSONY
474CXA1851NUp/Down Converter for 900 MHz-Band MobileSONY
475CXA1852NQuadrature Modulator for 900 MHz-Band MobileSONY
476CXA1853AQRGB Driver for LCDSONY
477CXA1853QRGB Driver for LCDSONY
478CXA1854ARDecoder/Driver/Timing GeneratorSONY
480CXA1855Q/SI^2C Bus-Compatible Audio/Video SwitchSONY
482CXA1866Q6-bit 140MSPS Flash A/D ConverterSONY
483CXA1870Color TV Y/C/JungleSONY
484CXA1870SColor TV Y/C/JungleSONY
486CXA18758-bit D/A Converter Compatible with I2C BusSONY
487CXA1875AMMiscellaneous Function ICSONY
488CXA1875AP8-bit D/A Converter Compatible with I2C BusSONY
489CXA1875AP/AM8-bit D/A Converter Compatible with I^2C BusSONY
490CXA1878QDolby B-C Type Noise Reduction SystemSONY
491CXA1884NLow-voltage FM IF AmplifierSONY
492CXA1897QDolby B Type Noise Reduction System with RecordingSONY
493CXA1898QRecording/Playback Equalizer AmplifierSONY
494CXA1910Dolby B Type Noise Reduction System with Playback EqualizerSONY
495CXA1910QDolby B Type Noise Reduction System with PlaybackSONY
496CXA1911Dolby B/C Type Noise Reduction System with Playback EqualizerSONY
497CXA1911QDolby B/C Type Noise Reduction System withSONY
498CXA1915ANI-V Photo IC for MiniDiscSONY
499CXA1917AMDolby S Type Noise Reduction System ICSONY
500CXA1917AM/ASDolby S type Noise Reduction ProcessorSONY

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