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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
5901LC877448A8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5902LC877456C8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5903LC877464C8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5904LC877472C8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5905LC877478C8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5906LC877480B8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5907LC877496B8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5908LC8774B2B8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5909LC8774C8B8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5912LC87F54C8A8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO

5913LC87F5564A8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5914LC87F66C8A8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller with 64KB FEPROM and 2048 Byte RAM On ChipSANYO
5917LC87F71C8A8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5918LC87F72C8A8-Bit Single Chip Microcontroller with 128 KB Flash Memory and 2048-Byte RAM On ChipSANYO
5919LC87F74C8A8-bit microcontrollers (LC87 series)SANYO
5920LC8900KQDigital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5921LC8901Digital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5922LC8901QDigital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5923LC8902Digital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5924LC8902QDigital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5925LC8903Digital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5926LC8903QDigital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5927LC8904Digital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5928LC8904QDigital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5929LC89051VDigital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5930LC89052TA-EDigital Interface Devices: Digital interface receiver for digital audiosSANYO
5931LC8905VDigital Audio Interface ReceiverSANYO
5932LC890606-Bit Video D/A ConvertersSANYO
5933LC89060M6-Bit Video D/A ConvertersSANYO
5934LC890666-Bit Video A/D ConvertersSANYO
5935LC89066M6-Bit Video A/D ConvertersSANYO
5936LC89080Video Signal 3-Channel 8-Bit D/A ConverterSANYO
5937LC89080QVideo Signal 3-Channel 8-Bit D/A ConverterSANYO
5938LC89086M8 Bit A/D ConverterSANYO
5939LC8910Remote Control LSISANYO
5940LC8912Remote Control LSISANYO
5941LC8913Remote Control LSISANYO
5942LC89170MCD Player Text Data ICSANYO
5943LC8920FAX ModemSANYO
5944LC892019600-bps Facsimile ModemSANYO
5945LC89210High-speed fax modem data pumpSANYO
5946LC8945SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) Protocol ControllerSANYO
5948LC895124CD-ROM Driver with On-Chip SCSI Interface and Subcode FunctionsSANYO
5949LC895125QCD-ROM Driver with On-Chip SCSI Interface and Subcode FunctionsSANYO
5950LC895125WCD-ROM Driver with On-Chip SCSI Interface and Subcode FunctionsSANYO
5951LC895126CD-ROM Decoder with Built-in SCSI InterfaceSANYO
5952LC89512740 x CD-ROM Decoder with SCSI InterfaceSANYO
5953LC895127K40 CD-ROM Decoder with SCSI InterfaceSANYO
5954LC89512WCD-ROM Error Correction LSI with Built-In SCSI InterfaceSANYO
5955LC89513KCD-ROM Error Correction LSI for Integrated Host CPU SystemSANYO
5956LC89515CD-ROM/CD-I Error Correction/ Host Interface LSISANYO
5957LC89515KCD-ROM/CD-I Error Correction/ Host Interface LSISANYO
5958LC89517Built-in Subcode Interface CD-ROM/CD-I Error Correction LSISANYO
5959LC895170WCD-ROM Error Correction LSISANYO
5960LC89517KBuilt-in Subcode Interface CD-ROM/CD-I Error Correction LSISANYO
5961LC895194CD-ROM Error Correction LSI with On-Chip ATA-PI (IDE) InterfaceSANYO
5962LC895195ATA-PI (IDE) CD-ROM Decoder LSISANYO
5963LC895196ATA-PI Compatible CD-ROM Decoder ICSANYO
5964LC895196KATA-PI Compatible CD-ROM Decoder ICSANYO
5965LC895198CD-ROM Decoder for 32x ATAPI (IDE) DrivesSANYO
5966LC895199KCD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW Applications: 32 × ATAPI supporting version of LC895196SANYO
5967LC895297Full CAV 20x CD-ROM Decoder with Built-in ATA-PI (IDE) Interface and CD-DSPSANYO
5968LC895299L48x Speed ATAPI (IDE) CD-ROM Decoder with On-Chip Digital Servo SystemSANYO
5969LC895299W48x Speed ATAPI (IDE) CD-ROM Decoder with On-Chip Digital Servo SystemSANYO
5970LC8953General-Purpose 68000 MPU Peripheral Interface ICSANYO
5971LC8954Error Correction and ADPCM Playback LSI for CD-1 ApplicationsSANYO
5972LC8955CD-I Format ADPCM Data Replay ICSANYO
5973LC8956Error Correction and ADPCM Decoder IC for CD-1/CD-ROM XA SystemsSANYO
5974LC89581Encoder for CD-ROM and CD-I DataSANYO
5975LC89582ATIP Decoder for CD-WO and CD-MO RecodersSANYO
5976LC89583Data Encoder for CD-WO and CD-MOSANYO
5977LC89585CD Encoder LSI for CD-R SystemsSANYO
5979LC895925Signal Processing LSI for CD-R DrivesSANYO
5980LC895926CD-R Encoder/Decoder IC with Built-in SCSI InterfaceSANYO
5981LC895994CD-R Encoder/Decoder LSI with Built-in ATAPI (IDE) InterfaceSANYO
5982LC89602Audio Decoder LSI for Mini-Disk PlaybackSANYO
5983LC89610Mini-Disk Decoder LSISANYO
5984LC896431Audio Player Devices: Signal processing IC for dedicated replay portable MDsSANYO
5985LC897127KSCSI CD-ROM Decoder with On-Chip DVD InterfaceSANYO
5986LC897194CD-ROM Decoder with Built-In ATAPI (IDE) and DVD ECC InterfacesSANYO
5987LC897390KDVDR/RW Drive Signal-Processing IC DevelopedSANYO
5988LC898023CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW Applications: -SANYO
5989LC898023KCD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW Applications: Signal-processing IC for CD-R and CD-RWSANYO
5990LC898023KLCD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW Applications: -SANYO
5991LC898023KWCD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW Applications: -SANYO
5992LC8980933.8max40x Playback/12x Write CD-R/RW Encoder/Decoder IC with Built-in ATAPI InterfaceSANYO
5993LC898093KLCD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW Applications: -SANYO
5994LC898093KWCD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW Applications: -SANYO
5996LC89901CMOS Driver IC for 1/5 and 1/6 Inch Image SensorsSANYO
5997LC89901VCMOS Driver IC for 1/5 and 1/6 Inch Image SensorsSANYO
5998LC89902VCMOS Driver for VGA-Format Image SensorsSANYO
5999LC8991NTSC CCD 1H Delay LineSANYO
6000LC89915NTSC 1H Delay LineSANYO

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