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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
2012SAR293P5PNP Middle Power Driver Transistor (-30V / -1.0A)ROHM
2022SAR293P5T100PNP Middle Power Driver Transistor (-30V / -1.0A)ROHM
2032SAR293PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2042SAR293PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2052SAR293PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2062SAR340PPNP -100mA -400V Middle Power TransistorROHM
2072SAR340PT100PNP -100mA -400V Middle Power TransistorROHM
2082SAR340QPNP -100mA -400V Middle Power TransistorROHM
2092SAR340QTRPNP -100mA -400V Middle Power TransistorROHM
2102SAR502EBPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2112SAR502EBTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2122SAR502UBPNP Driver TransistorROHM

2132SAR502UBTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2142SAR512PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2152SAR512P5PNP -30V -2A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2162SAR512P5T100PNP -30V -2A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2172SAR512PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2182SAR512PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2192SAR512PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2202SAR512RPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2212SAR512RTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2222SAR513PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2232SAR513P5PNP -50V -1A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2242SAR513P5T100PNP -50V -1A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2252SAR513PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2262SAR513PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2272SAR513PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2282SAR513RPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2292SAR513RTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2302SAR514PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2312SAR514P5PNP -80V -0.7A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2322SAR514P5T100PNP -80V -0.7A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2332SAR514PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2342SAR514PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2352SAR514PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2362SAR514RPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2372SAR514RTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2382SAR522EBPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2392SAR522EBTLPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2402SAR522MPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2412SAR522MT2LPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2422SAR522UBPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2432SAR522UBTLPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2442SAR523EBPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2452SAR523EBTLPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2462SAR523MPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2472SAR523MT2LPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2482SAR523UBPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2492SAR523UBTLPNP General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
2502SAR533PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2512SAR533P5PNP -50V -3A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2522SAR533P5T100PNP -50V -3A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2532SAR533PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2542SAR533PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2552SAR533PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2562SAR542F3Driver TransistorROHM
2572SAR542F3TRDriver TransistorROHM
2582SAR542PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2592SAR542PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2602SAR542PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2612SAR542PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2622SAR543RPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2632SAR543RTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2642SAR544PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2652SAR544P5PNP -80V -2.5A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2662SAR544P5T100PNP -80V -2.5A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2672SAR544PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2682SAR544PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2692SAR544PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2702SAR544RPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2712SAR544RTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2722SAR552PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2732SAR552P5PNP -30V -3A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2742SAR552P5T100PNP -30V -3A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2752SAR552PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2762SAR552PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2772SAR552PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2782SAR553PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2792SAR553P5PNP -50V -2A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2802SAR553P5T100PNP -50V -2A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2812SAR553PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2822SAR553PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2832SAR553PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2842SAR553RPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2852SAR553RTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2862SAR554PPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2872SAR554P5PNP -50V -2A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2882SAR554P5T100PNP -50V -2A Medium Power TransistorROHM
2892SAR554PFRAPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2902SAR554PFRAT100PNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2912SAR554PT100PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2922SAR554RPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2932SAR554RTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2942SAR562F3PNP Driver TransistorROHM
2952SAR562F3TRPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2962SAR572DPNP Driver TransistorROHM
2972SAR572DFHGPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2982SAR572DFHGTLPNP Driver Transistor (Corresponds to AEC-Q101)ROHM
2992SAR572DGTLPNP Driver TransistorROHM
3002SAR573DPNP Driver TransistorROHM

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