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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
360174HCT377PW74HC/HCT377; Octal D-type flip-flop with data enable; positive-edge triggerPhilips
360274HCT377UOctal D-type flip-flop with data enable; positive-edge triggerPhilips
360374HCT377U74HC/HCT377; Octal D-type flip-flop with data enable; positive-edge triggerPhilips
360474HCT390Dual decade ripple counterPhilips
360574HCT390D74HC/HCT390; Dual decade ripple counterPhilips
360674HCT390DB74HC/HCT390; Dual decade ripple counterPhilips
360774HCT390N74HC/HCT390; Dual decade ripple counterPhilips
360874HCT390UDual decade ripple counterPhilips
360974HCT393Dual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips
361074HCT393D74HC/HCT393; Dual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips
361174HCT393DB74HC/HCT393; Dual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips
361274HCT393N74HC/HCT393; Dual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips

361374HCT393NBDual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips
361474HCT393PW74HC/HCT393; Dual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips
361574HCT393UDual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips
361974HCT3G06Inverter with open-drain outputsPhilips
362074HCT3G06DC74HC3G06; 74HCT3G06; Inverter with open-drain outputsPhilips
362174HCT3G06DP74HC3G06; 74HCT3G06; Inverter with open-drain outputsPhilips
362274HCT3G07Buffer with open-drain outputsPhilips
362374HCT3G07DC74HC3G07; 74HCT3G07; Buffer with open-drain outputsPhilips
362474HCT3G07DP74HC3G07; 74HCT3G07; Buffer with open-drain outputsPhilips
362574HCT3G14Inverting Schmitt-triggersPhilips
362674HCT3G14DC74HC3G14; 74HCT3G14; Inverting Schmitt-triggersPhilips
362774HCT3G14DP74HC3G14; 74HCT3G14; Inverting Schmitt-triggersPhilips
362874HCT3G34Triple buffer gatePhilips
362974HCT3G34DC74HC3G34; 74HCT3G34; Triple buffer gatePhilips
363074HCT3G34DP74HC3G34; 74HCT3G34; Triple buffer gatePhilips
363174HCT4002Dual 4-input NOR gatePhilips
363274HCT4002D74HC/HCT4002; Dual 4-input NOR gatePhilips
363374HCT4002DB74HC/HCT4002; Dual 4-input NOR gatePhilips
363474HCT4002N74HC/HCT4002; Dual 4-input NOR gatePhilips
363574HCT4002UDual 4-input NOR gatePhilips
363674HCT4018-bit synchronous BCD down counterPhilips
363774HCT401028-bit synchronous BCD down counterPhilips
363874HCT401038-bit synchronous binary down counterPhilips
363974HCT40103D8-bit synchronous binary down counterPhilips
364074HCT40103DB8-bit synchronous binary down counterPhilips
364174HCT40103N8-bit synchronous binary down counterPhilips
364274HCT40103PW8-bit synchronous binary down counterPhilips
364374HCT40103U8-bit synchronous binary down counterPhilips
364474HCT401044-bit bidirectional universal shift register; 3-statePhilips
364574HCT401054-bit x 16-word FIFO registerPhilips
364674HCT40105D4-bit x 16-word FIFO registerPhilips
364774HCT40105DB4-bit x 16-word FIFO registerPhilips
364874HCT40105N4-bit x 16-word FIFO registerPhilips
364974HCT40105PW4-bit x 16-word FIFO registerPhilips
365074HCT40105U4-bit x 16-word FIFO registerPhilips
365174HCT4015Dual 4-bit serial-in/parallel-out shift registerPhilips
365274HCT4015D74HC/HCT4015; Dual 4-bit serial-in/parallel-out shift registerPhilips
365374HCT4015N74HC/HCT4015; Dual 4-bit serial-in/parallel-out shift registerPhilips
365474HCT4015UDual 4-bit serial-in/parallel-out shift registerPhilips
365574HCT4016Quad bilateral switchesPhilips
365674HCT4016D74HC/HCT4016; Quad bilateral switchesPhilips
365774HCT4016N74HC/HCT4016; Quad bilateral switchesPhilips
365874HCT4016UQuad bilateral switchesPhilips
365974HCT4017Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputsPhilips
366074HCT4017D74HC/HCT4017; Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputsPhilips
366174HCT4017N74HC/HCT4017; Johnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputsPhilips
366274HCT4017UJohnson decade counter with 10 decoded outputsPhilips
366374HCT402014-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
366474HCT4020D74HC/HCT4020; 14-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
366574HCT4020DB74HC/HCT4020; 14-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
366674HCT4020N74HC/HCT4020; 14-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
366774HCT4020PW74HC/HCT4020; 14-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
366874HCT4020U14-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
366974HCT40247-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367074HCT4024D7-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367174HCT4024N7-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367274HCT4024PW7-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367374HCT4024U7-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367474HCT404012-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367574HCT4040BQ12-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367674HCT4040D74HC/HCT4040; 12-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367774HCT4040DB74HC/HCT4040; 12-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367874HCT4040N74HC/HCT4040; 12-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
367974HCT4040PW74HC/HCT4040; 12-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
368074HCT4040U12-stage binary ripple counterPhilips
368174HCT4046APhase-locked-loop with VCOPhilips
368274HCT4046AD74HC/HCT4046A; Phase-locked-loop with VCOPhilips
368374HCT4046ADB74HC/HCT4046A; Phase-locked-loop with VCOPhilips
368474HCT4046AN74HC/HCT4046A; Phase-locked-loop with VCOPhilips
368574HCT4046AUPhase-locked-loop with VCOPhilips
368674HCT40518-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
368774HCT4051D74HC/HCT4051; 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
368874HCT4051DB74HC/HCT4051; 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
368974HCT4051N74HC/HCT4051; 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
369074HCT4051PW74HC/HCT4051; 8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
369174HCT4051U8-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
369274HCT4052Dual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
369374HCT4052BQDual 4-channel analog multiplexer, demultiplexerPhilips
369474HCT4052DDual 4-channel analog multiplexer, demultiplexerPhilips
369574HCT4052DBDual 4-channel analog multiplexer, demultiplexerPhilips
369674HCT4052NDual 4-channel analog multiplexer, demultiplexerPhilips
369774HCT4052UDual 4-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
369874HCT4053Triple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
369974HCT4053DTriple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips
370074HCT4053DBTriple 2-channel analog multiplexer/demultiplexerPhilips

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