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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
220174F623Octal bus transceiver, non–inverting (3tate)Philips
220274F644-2-3-2-input AND-OR-invert gatePhilips
220374F640Octal bus transceiver, inverting (3-State)Philips
220474F641Octal bus transceiver with common output enable, non-inverting (open collector)Philips
220674F646Octal transceiver/register, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
220774F646AOctal transceiver/register, non-inverting/inverting (3-State)Philips
220874F647Octal transceiver/register, non-inverting open-collectorPhilips
220974F648Octal transceiver/register, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
221074F648AOctal transceiver/register, non-inverting/inverting (3-State)Philips
221174F649Octal transceiver/register, non-inverting open-collectorPhilips

221474F655AOctal buffer/driver with parity, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
221574F656AOctal buffer/driver with parity, non-inverting (3-State)Philips
221674F657Octal transceiver with 8-bit parity generator/checkerPhilips
221774F6704 x 4 register file (3-State)Philips
221874F67416-bit serial/parallel-in, serial-out shift register 3-StatePhilips
221974F67616-bit serial/parallel-in, serial-out shift register (3-State)Philips
222474F723-1Quad 2-to-1 data selector multiplexer 3-StatePhilips
222574F723AQuad 2-to-1 data selector multiplexer 3-StatePhilips
222674F725-1Quad 2-to-1 data selector multiplexer 3-StatePhilips
222774F725AQuad 2-to-1 data selector multiplexer 3-StatePhilips
222874F74Dual D-type flip-flopPhilips
222974F756Octal buffer (open-collector)Philips
223074F757Octal buffer (open-collector)Philips
223174F760Octal buffer (open-collector)Philips
223274F764-1DRAM dual-ported controllersPhilips
223374F764-1ADRAM dual-ported controllersPhilips
223474F764-1NDRAM dual-ported controllersPhilips
223574F765-1DRAM dual-ported controllersPhilips
223674F765-1ADRAM dual-ported controllersPhilips
223774F765-1NDRAM dual-ported controllersPhilips
223874F776Pi-bus transceiverPhilips
223974F777Triple bidirectional latched bus transceiver (3-State + open collector)Philips
224074F7798-bit bidirectional binary counter (3-State)Philips
224174F7864-bit asynchronous bus arbiterPhilips
224274F804Hex 2-input NAND driversPhilips
224374F805Hex 2-input NOR driversPhilips
224474F807Octal shift/count registered transceiver with adder and parity 3.StatePhilips
224574F808Hex 2-input AND driversPhilips
224674F821Bus interface registersPhilips
224774F822Bus interface registersPhilips
224874F823Bus interface registersPhilips
224974F824Bus interface registersPhilips
225074F825Bus interface registersPhilips
225174F826Bus interface registersPhilips
225274F82710-bit buffer/line driver, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
225374F82810-bit buffer/line driver, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
225474F832Hex 2-input OR driversPhilips
225574F8358-bit shift register with 2:1 mux-in, latched °B± inputs, and serial outPhilips
225674F841Bus interface latchesPhilips
225774F842Bus interface latchesPhilips
225874F843Bus interface latchesPhilips
225974F845Bus interface latchesPhilips
226074F846Bus interface latchesPhilips
226174F854-bit magnitude comparatorPhilips
226274F86Quad 2-input exclusive-OR gatePhilips
226374F862Bus transceivers 3-StatePhilips
226474F863Bus transceivers 3-StatePhilips
226574F8960Octal latched bidirectional Futurebus transceivers 3-State open-collectorPhilips
226674F8961Octal latched bidirectional Futurebus transceivers 3-State open-collectorPhilips
226774F89629-Bit latched bidirectional Futurebus transceivers open-collectorPhilips
226874F89639-Bit latched bidirectional Futurebus transceivers open-collectorPhilips
226974F89659-Bit address/data Futurebus transceiver, ADTPhilips
227074F89669-Bit address/data Futurebus transceiver, ADTPhilips
227174HCHCMOS family characteristicsPhilips
227274HC,HCT244Octal buffer/line driver; 3-statePhilips
227374HC,HCT245Octal bus transceiver; 3-statePhilips
227474HC,HCT373Octal D-type transparent latch; 3-statePhilips
227574HC,HCT541Octal buffer/line driver; 3-statePhilips
227674HC00Quad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
227774HC00BQQuad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
227874HC00DQuad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
227974HC00DBQuad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
228074HC00NQuad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
228174HC00PWQuad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
228274HC00U74HC00; 74HCT00; Quad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
228374HC02Quad 2-input NOR gatePhilips
228474HC02D74HC/HCT02; Quad 2-input NOR gatePhilips
228574HC02DB74HC/HCT02; Quad 2-input NOR gatePhilips
228674HC02N74HC/HCT02; Quad 2-input NOR gatePhilips
228774HC02PW74HC/HCT02; Quad 2-input NOR gatePhilips
228874HC03Quad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
228974HC03D74HC/HCT03; Quad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
229074HC03DB74HC/HCT03; Quad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
229174HC03N74HC/HCT03; Quad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
229274HC03PW74HC/HCT03; Quad 2-input NAND gatePhilips
229374HC04Hex inverterPhilips
229474HC04BQ74HC04; 74HCT04; Hex inverterPhilips
229574HC04D74HC04; 74HCT04; Hex inverterPhilips
229674HC04DB74HC04; 74HCT04; Hex inverterPhilips
229774HC04N74HC04; 74HCT04; Hex inverterPhilips
229874HC04PW74HC04; 74HCT04; Hex inverterPhilips
229974HC08Quad 2-input AND gatePhilips
230074HC08BQ74HC08; 74HCT08; Quad 2-input AND gatePhilips

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