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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
210174F2241Octal inverter buffer with 30ohm equivalent output termination 3-StatePhilips
210274F2244Octal buffer with 30ohm equivalent output termination 3-StatePhilips
210374F2245Octal transceiver with 30ohm equivalent output termination 3-StatePhilips
210474F22516X5 asynchronous FIFO 3-StatePhilips
210574F2373Octal transparent latch with 30 Ohm equivalent output termination (3-State)Philips
210674F240Octal inverter buffer (3-State) / Octal buffer (3-State)Philips
210774F240AOctal inverter buffer 3-StatePhilips
210874F241Octal inverter buffer (3-State) / Octal buffer (3-State)Philips
210974F241AOctal inverter buffer (3-State) / Octal buffer (3-State)Philips
211074F242Quad transceiver (3-State)Philips
211174F243Quad transceiver (3-State)Philips
211274F244Octal buffers (3-State)Philips

211374F244BOctal buffers (3-State)Philips
211474F245Octal transceiver (3-State)Philips
211574F251A8-input multiplexer 3-StatePhilips
211674F253Dual 4-bit input multiplexer (3-State)Philips
211774F256Dual addressable latchPhilips
211874F257AQuad 2-line to 1-line selector/multiplexer, non-inverting (3-State)Philips
211974F258AQuad 2-line to 1-line selector/multiplexer, inverting (3-State)Philips
212174F260Dual 5-input NOR gatePhilips
212274F2698-bit bidirectional binary counterPhilips
212374F27Triple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
212474F273AOctal D flip-flopPhilips
212574F273ADOctal D flip-flopPhilips
212674F273ANOctal D flip-flopPhilips
212774F2809-bit odd/even parity generator/checkerPhilips
212874F280B9-bit odd/even parity generator/checkerPhilips
212974F2834-bit binary full adder with fast carryPhilips
213074F2952Registered transceiver, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
213174F2953Registered transceiver, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
213274F298Quad 2-input multiplexer with storagePhilips
213374F2998-bit universal shift/storage register (3-State)Philips
213474F308-input NAND gatePhilips
213574F30240Octal 30ohm line driver with enable, non-inverting open collectorPhilips
213674F30244Octal 30 Ohm line driver with enable, non-inverting (open collector)Philips
213774F3037Quad 2-input NAND 30Ohm driverPhilips
213874F3038Quad 2-input NAND 30Ohm driver (open collector)Philips
213974F3040Dual 4-input NAND 30Ohm line driverPhilips
214074F32Quad 2-input OR gatePhilips
214174F3228-bit serial/parallel register with sign extend 3-StatePhilips
214274F3238-bit universal shift/storage register with synchronous reset and common I/O pins 3-StatePhilips
214374F3504-bit shifterPhilips
214474F353Dual 4-input multiplexer 3-StatePhilips
214574F365Hex buffers/driversPhilips
214774F367Hex buffers/driversPhilips
214974F37Quad 2-input NAND bufferPhilips
215074F373Octal D flip-flop (3-State)Philips
215174F374Octal D flip-flop (3-State)Philips
215274F377AOctal D-type flip-flop with enablePhilips
215374F378Hex D flip-flop with enablePhilips
215474F379AQuad registerPhilips
215574F38Quad 2-input NAND buffer (open collector)Philips
215674F381Arithmetic Logic UnitPhilips
215774F382Arithmetic Logic UnitPhilips
215874F385Quad serial adder/subtractorPhilips
215974F3893Quad futurebus backplane transceiverPhilips
216074F393Dual 4-bit binary ripple counterPhilips
216174F3954-bit cascadable shift register 3-StatePhilips
216374F399Quad 2-port registerPhilips
216474F40Dual 4-input NAND bufferPhilips
216574F410Register stack . 16¿4 RAM 3-State output registerPhilips
216774F456Octal buffer/driver with parity, non-inverting (3-State)Philips
216874F50109Synchronizing dual J-K positive edge-triggered flip-flop with metastable immune characteristicsPhilips
216974F50728Synchronizing cascaded dual positive edge-triggered D-type flip-flopPhilips
217074F50729Synchronizing dual D-type flip-flop with edge-triggered set and reset with metastable immune characteristicsPhilips
217174F5074Synchronizing dual D-type flip-flop/clock driverPhilips
217274F51Dual 2-wide 2-input, 2-wise 3-input AND-OR-invert gatePhilips
217374F5218-bit identity comparatorPhilips
217474F5248-bit register comparator (open-collector + 3-State)Philips
217574F5300Fiber optic LED driverPhilips
217674F5302Fiber optic dual LED/clock driverPhilips
217874F534Octal D flip-flop, inverting (3-State)Philips
217974F5371-of-10 decoder 3-StatePhilips
218074F5381-of-8 decoder (3-State)Philips
218174F539Dual 1-of-4 decoder 3-StatePhilips
218274F540Octal buffer (3- State)Philips
218374F541Octal buffer (3- State)Philips
218474F543Octal registered transceiver,inverting (3-State)Philips
218574F543DBOctal registered transceiver, non-inverting 3-StatePhilips
218674F544Octal registered transceiver,inverting (3-State)Philips
218774F545Octal bidirectional transceiver (with 3-State inputs/outputs)Philips
218874F552Octal registered transceiver with parity and flags (3-State)Philips
218974F564Octal D flip-flop (3-State)Philips
219074F5694-bit bidirectional binary synchronous counter 3-StatePhilips
219174F573Octal transparent latch (3-State)Philips
219274F574Octal transparent latch (3-State)Philips
219374F5798-bit bidirectional binary counter (3-State)Philips
219474F5834-bit BCD adderPhilips
219574F5958-bit shift register with output latches (3-State)Philips
219674F5978-bit shift register with input storage registersPhilips
219774F5988-bit shift register with input storage registers (3-State)Philips
219874F604Dual octal latch 3-StatePhilips
219974F620Octal bus transceiver, non–inverting (3tate)Philips
220074F621Octal bus transceiver, non-inverting (open collector)Philips

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