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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
21801SE538High Slew Rate Op AmpPhilips
21802SE538FEHigh Slew Rate Op AmpPhilips
21803SE538NHigh Slew Rate Op AmpPhilips
21804SE541010-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converterPhilips
21805SE5410F10-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converterPhilips
21806SE5512Dual high-performance operational amplifierPhilips
21807SE5512NDual high-performance operational amplifierPhilips
21808SE5514Quad high-performance operational amplifierPhilips
21809SE5514NQuad high-performance operational amplifierPhilips
21810SE5521LVDT signal conditionerPhilips
21811SE5521FLVDT signal conditionerPhilips
21812SE5532Internally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips

21813SE5532AInternally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21814SE5532AD8Internally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21815SE5532AFInternally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21816SE5532AFEInternally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21817SE5532D8Internally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21818SE5532FEInternally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21819SE5532NInternally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21820SE5534Single low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21821SE5534ASingle low noise operational amplifierPhilips
21822SE5534AFDual and single low noise op ampPhilips
21823SE5534AFEDual Low Noise Operational AmplifierPhilips
21824SE5534ANDual and single low noise op ampPhilips
21825SE5534FEDual Low Noise Operational AmplifierPhilips
21826SE5534NDual and single low noise op ampPhilips
21827SE5534NBDual Low Noise Operational AmplifierPhilips
21828SE5535Dual High Slew Rate Op AmpPhilips
21829SE5537Sample-and-hold amplifierPhilips
21830SE5537FESample-and-hold amplifierPhilips
21831SE5539High frequency operational amplifierPhilips
21832SE5539FHigh frequency operational amplifierPhilips
21833SE5539NHigh frequency operational amplifierPhilips
21844SE556Dual timerPhilips
21845SE5560Switched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21846SE5560FSwitched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21847SE5560FBSwitched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21848SE5560NSwitched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21849SE5561Switched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21850SE5561FESwitched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21851SE5561FEBSwitched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21852SE5561NSwitched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21853SE5562Switched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21854SE5562FSwitched-mode power supply control circuitPhilips
21855SE556FDual timerPhilips
21856SE556NDual timerPhilips
21857SE5570Brushless DC motor controllerPhilips
21858SE5570NBrushless DC motor controllerPhilips
21859SE564Phase-locked loopPhilips
21860SE564NPhase-locked loopPhilips
21861SE566Function generatorPhilips
21862SE566NFunction generatorPhilips
21863SE567Tone decoder/phase-locked loopPhilips
21864SE567DTone decoder/phase-locked loopPhilips
21865SE567FETone decoder/phase-locked loopPhilips
21866SE567NTone decoder/phase-locked loopPhilips
21867SE594Vacuum fluorescent display driverPhilips
21868SE95Ultra high accuracy digital temperature sensor and thermal Watchdog(tm)Philips
21869SG3524SMPS control circuitPhilips
21870SG3524DSMPS control circuitPhilips
21871SG3524FSMPS control circuitPhilips
21872SG3524NSMPS control circuitPhilips
21873SG3524NBSMPS control circuitPhilips
21874SI2302DSN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21875SI2304N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21876SI2304DSN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21877SI4410DYN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21878SI4416DYN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21879SI4420DYN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21880SI4800N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21881SI4884TrenchMOS(tm) logic level FETPhilips
21882SI9410DYN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21883SI9925N-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21884SI9925DYN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21885SI9936DYN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21886SI9956DYN-channel enhancement mode field-effect transistorPhilips
21887SJA1000Stand-alone CAN controllerPhilips
21888SJA1000/N1Stand-alone CAN controllerPhilips
21889SJA1000TStand-alone CAN controllerPhilips
21890SJA1000T/N1Stand-alone CAN controllerPhilips
21891SJA1000U/N1Stand-alone CAN controllerPhilips
21892SJA1000U/N1SJA1000; Stand-alone CAN controllerPhilips
21893SL1ICS3001I.CODE1 Label IC Chip SpecificationPhilips
21894SL1ICS3001UI.CODE1 Label IC Chip SpecificationPhilips
21895SL1ICS3001U/L6DI.CODE1 Label IC Chip SpecificationPhilips
21896SL1ICS3001U/N5DI.CODE1 Label IC Chip SpecificationPhilips
21897SL1ICS3001WI.CODE1 Label IC Chip SpecificationPhilips
21898SL1ICS3001W/N4DSL1ICS3001; I-CODE1 Label ICPhilips
21899SL1ICS3001W/N5DI.CODE1 Label IC Chip SpecificationPhilips
21900SL1ICS3101I.CODE1 Label IC 97pF Chip SpecificationPhilips

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