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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
14101N82S131N2K-bit TTL bipolar PROMPhilips
14102N82S1474K Bit TTL Bipolar PROMPhilips
14103N82S147AV(cc): 7.0V; 4K-bit TTL bipolar PROMPhilips
14104N82S147AAV(cc): 7.0V; 4K-bit TTL bipolar PROMPhilips
14105N82S147ANV(cc): 7.0V; 4K-bit TTL bipolar PROMPhilips
14106N82S147NV(cc): 7.0V; 4K-bit TTL bipolar PROMPhilips
14107N82S153AField Programmable logic array(18 X 42 X 10)Philips
14108N82S23A256-bit TTL bipolar PROM 32 x 8Philips
14109N82S23N256-bit TTL bipolar PROM 32 x 8Philips
14110NE1617Temperature monitor for microprocessor systemsPhilips
14111NE1617ATemperature monitor for microprocessor systemsPhilips
14112NE1617ADSNE1617A; Temperature monitor for microprocessor systemsPhilips

14113NE1617DSTemperature monitor for microprocessor systemsPhilips
14114NE1618Temperature monitor for microprocessor systemsPhilips
14115NE1618DSTemperature monitor for microprocessor systemsPhilips
14116NE1619HECETA 4 Temperature and voltage monitorPhilips
14117NE1619DSTemperature and voltage monitorPhilips
14118NE4558Dual general-purpose operational amplifierPhilips
14119NE4558DDual general-purpose operational amplifierPhilips
14120NE4558NDual general-purpose operational amplifierPhilips
14121NE50188-Bit mp-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14122NE5018D8-bit compatible D/A converterPhilips
14123NE5018F8-bit compatible D/A converterPhilips
14124NE5018N8-bit compatible D/A converterPhilips
14125NE50198-Bit mp-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14126NE5019D8-Bit mp-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14127NE5019F8-Bit mp-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14128NE5019N8-Bit mp-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14129NE502010-Bit mP-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14130NE5020F10-Bit mP-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14131NE5020N10-Bit mP-compatible D/A converterPhilips
14132NE502AF5 V, ethernet encoder/decoderPhilips
14133NE50376-Bit A/D converter parallel outputsPhilips
14134NE5037N6-Bit A/D converter parallel outputsPhilips
14135NE5044Programmable seven-channel RC encoderPhilips
14136NE5044DProgrammable seven-channel RC encoderPhilips
14137NE5044NProgrammable seven-channel RC encoderPhilips
14138NE5045DV(cc): 10V; 7-channel RC decoderPhilips
14139NE5045NV(cc): 10V; 7-channel RC decoderPhilips
14140NE5050Power line modemPhilips
14141NE5050DPower line modemPhilips
14142NE5050NPower line modemPhilips
14147NE5090Addressable relay driverPhilips
14148NE5090DAddressable relay driverPhilips
14149NE5090NAddressable relay driverPhilips
14150NE5204Wide-band high-frequency amplifierPhilips
14151NE5204AWide-band high-frequency amplifierPhilips
14152NE5204ADWide-band high-frequency amplifierPhilips
14153NE5204ANWide-band high-frequency amplifierPhilips
14154NE5205AWide-band high-frequency amplifierPhilips
14155NE5205ADWide-band high-frequency amplifierPhilips
14156NE5205ANWide-band high-frequency amplifierPhilips
14157NE5209Wideband variable gain amplifierPhilips
14158NE5209DWideband variable gain amplifierPhilips
14159NE5209NWideband variable gain amplifierPhilips
14160NE521High-speed dual differential comparator/sense ampPhilips
14161NE5210Transimpedance amplifier 280MHzPhilips
14162NE5210DTransimpedance amplifier 280MHzPhilips
14163NE5219DWideband variable gain amplifierPhilips
14164NE5219NWideband variable gain amplifierPhilips
14165NE521DHigh-speed dual-differential comparator/sense ampPhilips
14166NE521NHigh-speed dual-differential comparator/sense ampPhilips
14167NE522High-speed dual differential comparator/sense ampPhilips
14168NE522DHigh-speed dual-differential comparator/sense ampPhilips
14169NE522NHigh-speed dual-differential comparator/sense ampPhilips
14170NE522NBHigh-speed dual-differential comparator/sense ampPhilips
14171NE5230Low-voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14172NE5230DLow voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14173NE5230NLow voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14174NE5232Matched dual high-performance low-voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14175NE5232DMatched dual high-performance low-voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14176NE5232NMatched dual high-performance low-voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14177NE5234Matched quad high-performance low-voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14178NE5234DMatched quad high-performance low-voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14179NE5234NMatched quad high-performance low-voltage operational amplifierPhilips
14180NE5241Dolby ADM digital audio decoderPhilips
14181NE5241DDolby ADM digital audio decoderPhilips
14182NE5241NDolby ADM digital audio decoderPhilips
14183NE527Voltage comparatorPhilips
14184NE527DVoltage comparatorPhilips
14185NE527NVoltage comparatorPhilips
14186NE529Voltage comparatorPhilips
14187NE529DVoltage comparatorPhilips
14188NE529NVoltage comparatorPhilips
14189NE529NBVoltage comparatorPhilips
14190NE531High slew rate operational amplifierPhilips
14191NE531FEHigh slew rate operational amplifierPhilips
14192NE531NHigh slew rate operational amplifierPhilips
14193NE532Low power dual operational amplifiersPhilips
14194NE532DLow power dual operational amplifiPhilips
14195NE532NLow power dual operational amplifiPhilips
14196NE532NBDual Operational AmplifierPhilips
14197NE536H+-22V; 500mW; FET input operational amplifierPhilips
14198NE538High Slew Rate Op AmpPhilips
14199NE538DHigh Slew Rate Op AmpPhilips
14200NE538FEHigh Slew Rate Op AmpPhilips

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