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Datasheet Catalog - Page 127

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No.Part NameDescription
12601HEF4754VN18-element bar graph LCD driver
12602HEF4754VP18-element bar graph LCD driver
12603HEF4754VT18-element bar graph LCD driver
12604HEF4755Transceiver for serial data communication
12605HEF4755VTransceiver for serial data communication
12606HEF4755VDTransceiver for serial data communication
12607HEF4755VFTransceiver for serial data communication
12608HEF4755VNTransceiver for serial data communication
12609HEF4755VPTransceiver for serial data communication
12610HEF4755VTTransceiver for serial data communication
12611HEF4794B8-stage shift-and-store register LED driver
12612HEF4794BP8-stage shift-and-store register LED driver

12613HEF4794BT8-stage shift-and-store register LED driver
12614HEF4894B12-stage shift-and-store register LED driver
12615HEF4894BP12-stage shift-and-store register LED driver
12616HEF4894BT12-stage shift-and-store register LED driver
12617HEF4938BDual precision monostable multivibrator
12618HEF4938BPDual precision monostable multivibrator
12619HEF4938BTDual precision monostable multivibrator
12620HSTL169189-bit to 18-bit HSTL-to-LVTTL memory address latch
12621HSTL169189-bit to 18-bit HSTL-to-LVTTL memory address latch
12622HSTL16918DGG9-bit to 18-bit HSTL-to-LVTTL memory address latch
12623HSTL169199-bit to 18-bit HSTL to LVTTL memory address latch with 12 kohm pull-up resistor
12624HSTL169199-bit to 18-bit HSTL to LVTTL memory address latch with 12 kohm pull-up resistor
12625HSTL16919DGG9-bit to 18-bit HSTL to LVTTL memory address latch with 12kOhm pull-up resistor
12626HT1DC20S30HITAG 1 stick transponder
12627HT1ICS3002General Wafer Specification
12628HT1MOA3S30HITAGTM1 Chip Module
12629HT2DC20S20HITAG 2 stick transponder
12630HT2DC20S20/FHITAG 2 stick transponder
12631HT2DC20S20/FHT2DC20S20; HITAG 2 stick transponder
12632HT2MOA2S20HITAG(tm) 2 Chip Module
12633HT2MOA2S20/E/3HT 2MOA3S20; HITAG(tm) 2 Chip Module
12634HT2MOA3S20HITAGTM2 Chip Module
12635HTCM400HITAG core module hardware
12636HTCM400/EAEHITAG core module hardware
12637HTEV400HITAG proximity evaluation kit
12638HTEV800HITAG long range evaluation kit
12639HTOT840HITAGTM Antenna Tuning Device
12640HTRC11001HITAG reader chip
12641HTRC11001THITAG reader chip
12642HTRC11001T/02EEHTRC11001T; HITAG reader chip
12643HTRC11001T/03EEHTRC11001T; HITAG reader chip
12644HTRC12002BHITAG co-processor
12645HTRM440HITAG proximity reader module hardware
12646HTRM440/AIEHITAG proximity reader module hardware
12647HTRM440/BIEHITAG proximity reader module hardware
12648HTRM440/CIEHITAG proximity reader module hardware
12649HTRM800HITAG long range reader module hardware
12650HTRM800/AEDHITAG long range reader module hardware
12651HTRM800/CEDHITAG long range reader module hardware
12652HTRM800/EEDHITAG long range reader module hardware
12653I74F00DQuad 2-input NAND gate
12654I74F00NQuad 2-input NAND gate
12655I74F02DQuad 2-input NOR gate
12656I74F02NQuad 2-input NOR gate
12657I74F04Hex inverter
12658I74F04DHex inverter
12659I74F04NHex inverter
12660I74F08DQuad two-input AND gate
12661I74F08NQuad two-input AND gate
12662I74F109DPositive J-K positive edge-triggered flip-flops
12663I74F109NPositive J-K positive edge-triggered flip-flops
12664I74F112DDual J-K negative edge-triggered flip-flop
12665I74F112NDual J-K negative edge-triggered flip-flop
12666I74F113DDual J-K negative edge-triggered flip-flops without reset
12667I74F113NDual J-K negative edge-triggered flip-flops without reset
12668I74F133D13.input NAND Gate
12669I74F133N13.input NAND Gate
12670I74F138D1-of-8 decoder/demultiplexer
12671I74F138N1-of-8 decoder/demultiplexer
12672I74F14DHex inverter Schmitt trigger
12673I74F14NHex inverter Schmitt trigger
12674I74F157ADData selectors/multiplexers
12675I74F157ANData selectors/multiplexers
12676I74F161AD4-bit binary counter
12677I74F161AN4-bit binary counter
12678I74F163AD4-bit binary counter
12679I74F163AN4-bit binary counter
12680I74F164D8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register
12681I74F164N8-bit serial-in parallel-out shift register
12682I74F166D8-bit bidirectional universal shift register
12683I74F166N8-bit bidirectional universal shift register
12684I74F175AD74F175A; Quad D flip-flop
12685I74F175AN74F175A; Quad D flip-flop
12686I74F175DQuad D flip-flop
12687I74F175NQuad D flip-flop
12688I74F244Octal buffers 3-State
12689I74F244DOctal buffers 3-State
12690I74F244NOctal buffers 3-State
12691I74F257ADQuad 2-line to 1-line selector/multiplexer, non-inverting 3-State
12692I74F257ANQuad 2-line to 1-line selector/multiplexer, non-inverting 3-State
12693I74F27DTriple 3-input NOR gate
12694I74F27NTriple 3-input NOR gate
12695I74F280BD9-bit odd/even parity generator/checker
12696I74F280BN9-bit odd/even parity generator/checker
12697I74F3037DQuad 2-input NAND 30ohm driver
12698I74F3037NQuad 2-input NAND 30ohm driver
12699I74F32DQuad 2-input OR gate
12700I74F32NQuad 2-input OR gate

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