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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
11801HEF40194BP4-bit bidirectional universal shift registerPhilips
11802HEF40194BT4-bit bidirectional universal shift registerPhilips
11803HEF40195B4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11804HEF40195BD4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11805HEF40195BDB4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11806HEF40195BF4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11807HEF40195BN4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11808HEF40195BP4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11809HEF40195BPB4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11810HEF40195BT4-bit universal shift registerPhilips
11811HEF4019BQuadruple 2-input multiplexerPhilips
11812HEF4019BDQuadruple 2-input multiplexerPhilips

11813HEF4019BFQuadruple 2-input multiplexerPhilips
11814HEF4019BNQuadruple 2-input multiplexerPhilips
11815HEF4019BPQuadruple 2-input multiplexerPhilips
11816HEF4019BTQuadruple 2-input multiplexerPhilips
11817HEF4020B14-stage binary counterPhilips
11818HEF4020BD14-stage binary counterPhilips
11819HEF4020BDB14-stage binary counterPhilips
11820HEF4020BF14-stage binary counterPhilips
11821HEF4020BN14-stage binary counterPhilips
11822HEF4020BP14-stage binary counterPhilips
11823HEF4020BPB14-stage binary counterPhilips
11824HEF4020BT14-stage binary counterPhilips
11825HEF4020BU14-stage binary counterPhilips
11826HEF4021B8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11827HEF4021BD8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11828HEF4021BDB8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11829HEF4021BF8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11830HEF4021BN8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11831HEF4021BP8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11832HEF4021BPB8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11833HEF4021BT8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11834HEF4021BU8-bit static shift registerPhilips
11835HEF4022B4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counterPhilips
11836HEF4022BD4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counterPhilips
11837HEF4022BF4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counterPhilips
11838HEF4022BN4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counterPhilips
11839HEF4022BP4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counterPhilips
11840HEF4022BT4-stage divide-by-8 Johnson counterPhilips
11841HEF4023BTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11842HEF4023BDTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11843HEF4023BDBTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11844HEF4023BFTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11845HEF4023BNTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11846HEF4023BPTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11847HEF4023BPBTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11848HEF4023BTTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11849HEF4023BUTriple 3-input NAND gatePhilips
11850HEF40240Octal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11851HEF40240BOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11852HEF40240BDOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11853HEF40240BDBOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11854HEF40240BFOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11855HEF40240BNOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11856HEF40240BPOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11857HEF40240BPBOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11858HEF40240BTOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11859HEF40240BUOctal inverting buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11860HEF40244BOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11861HEF40244BDOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11862HEF40244BDBOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11863HEF40244BFOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11864HEF40244BNOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11865HEF40244BPOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11866HEF40244BPBOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11867HEF40244BTOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11868HEF40244BUOctal buffers with 3-state outputsPhilips
11869HEF40245Octal bus transceiver with 3-state outputsPhilips
11870HEF40245BOctal bus transceiver with 3-state outputsPhilips
11871HEF40245BDOctal bus transceiver with 3-state outputsPhilips
11872HEF40245BFOctal bus transceiver with 3-state outputsPhilips
11873HEF40245BNOctal bus transceiver with 3-state outputsPhilips
11874HEF40245BPOctal bus transceiver with 3-state outputsPhilips
11875HEF40245BTOctal bus transceiver with 3-state outputsPhilips
11876HEF4024B7-stage binary counterPhilips
11877HEF4024BD7-stage binary counterPhilips
11878HEF4024BDB7-stage binary counterPhilips
11879HEF4024BF7-stage binary counterPhilips
11880HEF4024BN7-stage binary counterPhilips
11881HEF4024BP7-stage binary counterPhilips
11882HEF4024BPB7-stage binary counterPhilips
11883HEF4024BT7-stage binary counterPhilips
11884HEF4024BU7-stage binary counterPhilips
11885HEF4025BTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11886HEF4025BDTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11887HEF4025BDBTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11888HEF4025BFTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11889HEF4025BNTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11890HEF4025BPTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11891HEF4025BPBTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11892HEF4025BTTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11893HEF4025BUTriple 3-input NOR gatePhilips
11894HEF4027Dual JK flip-flopPhilips
11895HEF4027BDual JK flip-flopPhilips
11896HEF4027BDDual JK flip-flopPhilips
11897HEF4027BDBDual JK flip-flopPhilips
11898HEF4027BFDual JK flip-flopPhilips
11899HEF4027BNDual JK flip-flopPhilips
11900HEF4027BPDual JK flip-flopPhilips

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