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Datasheet Catalog - Page 114

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No.Part NameDescription
11301CGY2032BTSDECT 500 mW power amplifier
11302CGY2032TSDECT 500 mW power amplifier
11303CGY2032TS_C1DECT 500 mW power amplifier
11304CGY2105High dynamic range dual LNA MMIC
11305CGY2105ATSHigh dynamic range dual LNA MMIC
11306CGY2105ATS/C1CGY2105ATS; High dynamic range dual LNA MMIC
11307CGY2106TSHigh dynamic range dual LNA MMIC
11308CGY2106TS/C1CGY2106TS; High dynamic range dual LNA MMIC
11309CGY2106TS/C1High dynamic range dual LNA MMIC
11310CGY887CGY887; 870 MHz, 21.5 dB gain push-pull amplifier
11311CGY887870 MHz, 21.5 dB gain push-pull amplifier
11312CGY887A860 MHz, 25.5 dB gain push-pull amplifier

11313CGY887B860 MHz, 27.8 dB gain push-pull amplifier
11314CR1296Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11315CR2424Video driver hybrid amplifier
11316CR2424SVideo driver hybrid amplifier
11317CR2427SVideo driver hybrid amplifier
11318CR3424Video driver hybrid amplifier
11319CR5427Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11320CR5527Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11321CR5527STriple video driver hybrid amplifier
11322CR5627Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11323CR6627Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11324CR6727ATriple video driver hybrid amplifier
11325CR6728ATriple video driver hybrid amplifier
11326CR6729ATriple video driver hybrid amplifier
11327CR6927Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11328CR6927ATriple video driver hybrid amplifier
11329CR6928Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11330CR6928ATriple video driver hybrid amplifier
11331CR6929Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11332CR6929ATriple video driver hybrid amplifier
11333CR7929Triple video driver hybrid amplifier
11334CT3257Quad 1-of-2 multiplexer/demultiplexer
11335CXA1616NSync Discriminator for CRT Displays
11336CXA1616SSync Discriminator for CRT Displays
11337DAC-088-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11338DAC-08C8-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11339DAC-08CN8-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11340DAC-08CN8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11341DAC-08E8-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11342DAC-08ED8-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11343DAC-08EN8-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11344DAC-08H8-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11345DAC-08HN8-bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11346DAC088-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11347DAC08A8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11348DAC08AF8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11349DAC08C8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11350DAC08CF8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11351DAC08CN8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11352DAC08E8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11353DAC08ED8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11354DAC08EF8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11355DAC08EN8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11356DAC08F8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11357DAC08H8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11358DAC08HN8-Bit high-speed multiplying D/A converter
11359EC103D1Sensitive gate thyristor
11360EC103D1EC103D1; Sensitive gate thyristor
11362ECG941Interbally Compensated Operational Amplifier
11364ED1402NPN general purpose transistor
11365ED1402BNPN general purpose transistor
11366ED1402CNPN general purpose transistor
11367ED1402DNPN general purpose transistor
11368ED1402ENPN general purpose transistor
11369ED1502NPN general purpose transistor
11370ED1502BNPN general purpose transistor
11371ED1502CNPN general purpose transistor
11372ED1502DNPN general purpose transistor
11373ED1502ENPN general purpose transistor
11374ED1602PNP general purpose transistor
11375ED1602CPNP general purpose transistor
11376ED1602DPNP general purpose transistor
11377ED1602EPNP general purpose transistor
11378ED1702NPN general purpose transistor
11379ED1702LNPN general purpose transistor
11380ED1702MNPN general purpose transistor
11381ED1702NNPN general purpose transistor
11382ED1702ONPN general purpose transistor
11383ED1702PNPN general purpose transistor
11384ED1802PNP general purpose transistor
11385ED1802KPNP general purpose transistor
11386ED1802LPNP general purpose transistor
11387ED1802MPNP general purpose transistor
11388ED1802NPNP general purpose transistor
11389ED1802PPNP general purpose transistor
11390EFD25EFD cores and accessories
11391EFD25-3C30EFD cores and accessories
11392EFD25-3C85EFD cores and accessories
11393EFD25-3C90EFD cores and accessories
11394EFD25-3F3EFD cores and accessories
11395EFD25-3F4EFD cores and accessories
11398ES1SMA ultra fast low-loss controlled avalanche rectifiers
11399ES1Ultra fast low-loss controlled avalanche rectifiers
11400ES1ASMA ultra fast low-loss controlled avalanche rectifiers

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