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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
5401ENA22772-phase Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
5402ENA2280ENA2280-D.PDFON Semiconductor
5403ENA2281ENA2281-D.PDFON Semiconductor
5404ENA228264 kb I2C CMOS Serial EEPROMON Semiconductor
5405ENA2284Unipolar 2-phase Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
5406ENGTDDSY2X3FCT1GDual-Stage, Differential Lines FilterON Semiconductor
5407ENGTDDSY3X3FCT1GDual-Stage, Differential Lines FilterON Semiconductor
5408ENN6123RDS/RBDS Single-chip Signal Processing ICON Semiconductor
5409ENN6655Single-chip Tuner IC for Car RadiosON Semiconductor
5410ENN71351/3 Duty LCD Display Driver IC with Key InputON Semiconductor
5411ENN71411/8 to 1/10 Duty Dot Matrix LCD Display Controller/Driver ICON Semiconductor
5412ENN7457Digital Audio Interface ReceiverON Semiconductor

5413ENN7483Bipolar Transistor, -12V, -1A, Low VCE(sat) PNP Single MCPH3ON Semiconductor
5414ENN74983-phase Brushless Motor DriverON Semiconductor
5415ENN7508Bipolar Transistor, 15V, 0.6A, Low VCE(sat) NPN Single SSFPON Semiconductor
5416ENN7632Key Scan ICON Semiconductor
5417ENN8054N-Channel Power MOSFET 60V 40A 26m Ohm TO-262-3L/TO-263-2LON Semiconductor
5418ENN8055Power MOSFET, 60V, 60A, 22mOhm, single, N-Channel, D2PAKON Semiconductor
5419ENN8223Bipolar Transistor, (-)30V, (-)3A, Low VCE(sat) Complementary Dual CPH5ON Semiconductor
5420ENN8349BTL Driver Single-Phase Full-Wave Fan Motor DriverON Semiconductor
5421ENN8386Downconverter IC for Digital CATVON Semiconductor
5422ESD1014Low Capacitance ESD Protection Array for High Speed Data LinesON Semiconductor
5423ESD11A3.3DESD11A3.3DT5G Series ESD Protection DiodesON Semiconductor
5424ESD11BTransient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5425ESD11L5.0DESD Protection Diodes with Ultra-Low CapacitanceON Semiconductor
5426ESD11N5.0SESD11N5.0ST5G Transient Voltage SupressorsON Semiconductor
5427ESD4238ESD Clamp Array with ESD ProtectionON Semiconductor
5428ESD5205Transient Voltage SuppressorON Semiconductor
5429ESD5381Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5430ESD5384ESD Protection, 5-Line, HDMI Control LineON Semiconductor
5431ESD5481Transient Voltage Suppressors Micro−Packaged Diodes for ESD ProtectionON Semiconductor
5432ESD5482Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5433ESD5484Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5434ESD5B5.0ST1GESD Protection Diode, Bidirectional, SOD-523ON Semiconductor
5435ESD5Z2.5T1Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5436ESD5Z3.3T1Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5437ESD5Z5.0T1Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5438ESD5Z6.0T1Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5439ESD5Z7.0T1Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5440ESD5Z7.0T1Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5441ESD61002-Channel Very Low Capacitance ESD Protection DeviceON Semiconductor
5442ESD6116Single-Channel Transient Voltage SuppressorON Semiconductor
5443ESD7002Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5444ESD7004ESD Protection Diode with Low CapacitanceON Semiconductor
5445ESD7008ESD Protection Diode, High Speed Data, Low CapacitanceON Semiconductor
5446ESD7016ESD Protection Diode, Low Capacitance, USB 3.0ON Semiconductor
5447ESD7104ESD Protection, Low Capacitance, High Speed DataON Semiconductor
5448ESD7181MULow Capacitance Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5449ESD7381Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5450ESD7383ESD Protection, 3-Line, Very Low Capacitance, for USBON Semiconductor
5451ESD7481Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5452ESD7484ESD Protection, 4-Line, Ultra Large Bandwidth, for HDMI ConnectionON Semiconductor
5453ESD7554ESD7554 Dual Voltage ESD Protection ArrayON Semiconductor
5454ESD7951STransient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5455ESD7C3.3DESD Protection Diodes In Ultra Small SOT-723 PackageON Semiconductor
5456ESD7LTransient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5457ESD7M5.0DESD Protection Diodes with Ultra-Low CapacitanceON Semiconductor
5458ESD8004Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5459ESD8006Low Capacitance ESD Protection Diode for USB3.0 and ThunderboltON Semiconductor
5460ESD8008Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5461ESD8040Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5462ESD8104Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5463ESD8472Ultra-Low Capacitance RF ESD ProtectionON Semiconductor
5464ESD9BTransient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5465ESD9C3.3SESD Protection Diodes In Ultra Small SOD−923 PackageON Semiconductor
5466ESD9LTransient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
5467ESD9M5.0SESD Protection Diodes with Ultra-Low CapacitanceON Semiconductor
5468ESD9P5.0SESD Protection Diodes with Ultra-Low CapacitanceON Semiconductor
5469ESD9R3.3SESD Protection Diodes with Ultra−Low LeakageON Semiconductor
5470ESD9X3.3ST5GESD Protection Diodes In Ultra Small SOD−923 PackageON Semiconductor
5471ESDR0502BESD Protection Diodes with Ultra−Low CapacitanceON Semiconductor
5472ESDR0502NUltra Low Capacitance ESD Protection Array for High Speed Data Line ProtectionON Semiconductor
5473ESDR0524PLow Capacitance ESD Protection for High Speed DataON Semiconductor
5474ESDR0544MESD Protection Diode, Ultra Low Capacitance, Low Clamping VoltageON Semiconductor
5475ESDR7534Low Capacitance TVS for LVDS InterfacesON Semiconductor
5476FCDN6121-Channel ESD ProtectorON Semiconductor
5477FH102ARF Transistor, 10V, 70mA, fT=7GHz NPN Dual MCP6ON Semiconductor
5478FS6128-04PLL Clock Generator IC with VXCOON Semiconductor
5479FS6128-07PLL Clock Generator IC with VXCOON Semiconductor
5480FS6370EEPROM Programmable 3-PLL Clock Generator ICON Semiconductor
5481FS6377Programmable 3-PLL Clock Generator ICON Semiconductor
5482FS7140Programmable Phase-Locked Loop Clock GeneratorON Semiconductor
5483FW163Switching DeviceON Semiconductor
5484FW232ASwitching DeviceON Semiconductor
5485FW274FW274 Dual N-Channel MOSFET General-Purpose Switching DevicesON Semiconductor
5486FW282Dual N-Channel MOSFET for General Purpose Switching ApplicationsON Semiconductor
5487FW344Motor driver applicationsON Semiconductor
5488FW356Switching DeviceON Semiconductor
5489FW360Switching, Motor DriverON Semiconductor
5490FW705Switching DeviceON Semiconductor
5491FW707FW707 P-Channel MOSFET General-Purpose Switching DeviceON Semiconductor
5492FW812General-Purpose Switching DeviceON Semiconductor
5493FW905Switching DeviceON Semiconductor
5494FW906Power MOSFET 30 V, 8.0 A, 24 mOhm ComplementaryON Semiconductor
5495GA3216Foundation GA3216 Pre-configured DSP System for Hearing AidsON Semiconductor
5496GA3219Venture GA3219 Pre-configured DSP System for Hearing AidsON Semiconductor
5497GA3224Pre-configured DSP System for Hearing AidsON Semiconductor
5498GA3227Consolidator GA3227 Pre-configured DSP System for Hearing AidsON Semiconductor
5499GA3284Pre-configured DSP System for Hearing AidsON Semiconductor
5500GA3285Pre-configured DSP System for Hearing AidsON Semiconductor

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