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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
36401P6SMB56AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36402P6SMB56AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36403P6SMB56CAHigh Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor
36404P6SMB56CAT3High Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor
36405P6SMB6.8AZener Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
36406P6SMB6.8AT3Zener Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
36407P6SMB6.8AT3-D600 Watt Peak Power Zener Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
36408P6SMB6.8AT3GZener Transient Voltage SuppressorsON Semiconductor
36409P6SMB62AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36410P6SMB62AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36411P6SMB62CAHigh Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor
36412P6SMB62CAT3High Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor

36413P6SMB68AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36414P6SMB68AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36415P6SMB68CAHigh Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor
36416P6SMB68CAT3High Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor
36417P6SMB7.5AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36418P6SMB7.5AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36419P6SMB75AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36420P6SMB75AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36421P6SMB75CAHigh Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor
36422P6SMB75CAT3High Power BidirectionalON Semiconductor
36423P6SMB8.2AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36424P6SMB8.2AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36425P6SMB82AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36426P6SMB82AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36427P6SMB82AT3GHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36428P6SMB9.1AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36429P6SMB9.1AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36430P6SMB91AHigh Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36431P6SMB91AT3High Power Transient SuppressorON Semiconductor
36432PACDN0042 Channel ESD Protection ArrayON Semiconductor
36433PACDN0066-Channel ESD Protection ArrayON Semiconductor
36434PACDN0095-Channel ESD Protection ArrayON Semiconductor
36435PACDN042Transient Voltage Suppressors and ESD ProtectorsON Semiconductor
36436PACDN1404ESD Protection Arrays in Chip Scale PackageON Semiconductor
36437PACSZ1284IEEE 1284 Parallel Port ESD/EMI/Termination NetworkON Semiconductor
36438PACUSBDUSB Downstream Port TerminatorON Semiconductor
36439PACUSBUUpstream USB Port TerminatorON Semiconductor
36440PACUSBVBUSB Downstream Port Terminator with VBUS ESD ProtectionON Semiconductor
36441PACVGA105VGA Port Companion CircuitON Semiconductor
36442PACVGA200VGA Port Companion CircuitON Semiconductor
36443PACVGA201VGA Port Companion CircuitON Semiconductor
36444PB_NOIP1SN1300APYTHON 0.3/0.5/1.3 Megapixel Global Shutter CMOS Image SensorsON Semiconductor
36445PCA9306Dual Bidirectional I2C Bus and SMBus Voltage Level TranslatorON Semiconductor
36446PCA9511AHot Swappable I2C-Bus and SMBus Bus BufferON Semiconductor
36447PCA9517ALevel-Translating I2C-Bus RepeaterON Semiconductor
36448PCA9535E16-bit Low-Power I/O Expander for I2C Bus with InterruptON Semiconductor
36449PCA9617ALevel -Translating Fm+ I2C-Bus RepeaterON Semiconductor
36450PCA9655EPCA9655E Remote 16-bit I/O ExpanderON Semiconductor
36451PCP1103Bipolar Transistor, -30V, -1.5A, Low VCE(sat) PNP Single PCPON Semiconductor
36452PCS1P2192VDP Multiple Pixel Clock GeneratorON Semiconductor
36453PCS1P2860Multi-Output Clock SynthesizerON Semiconductor
36454PCS2P23093.3V 1:9 Clock BufferON Semiconductor
36455PCS3I8504AGeneral Purpose Peak EMI Reduction ICON Semiconductor
36456PCS3P2537Standard Peak EMI Reduction ICON Semiconductor
36457PCS3P25811Spread Spectrum Clock GeneratorON Semiconductor
36458PCS3P6100Spread Spectrum EMI reduction IC for HD DisplayON Semiconductor
36459PCS3P6200Spread Spectrum EMI Reduction IC for HD DisplayON Semiconductor
36460PCS3P7100Custom Clock Generator for Display SystemsON Semiconductor
36461PCS3P7303General Purpose Peak EMI Reduction ICON Semiconductor
36462PCS3P8103General Purpose Peak EMI Reduction ICON Semiconductor
36463PCS3PS550General Purpose Peak EMI Reduction ICON Semiconductor
36464PN2222General Purpose TransistorON Semiconductor
36465PN2222-DGeneral Purpose Transistors NPN SiliconON Semiconductor
36466PN2222AGeneral Purpose TransistorON Semiconductor
36467PN2222ARLRAGeneral Purpose TransistorON Semiconductor
36468PN2222ARLRMGeneral Purpose TransistorON Semiconductor
36469PN2222ARLRPGeneral Purpose TransistorON Semiconductor
36470PN2907AGeneral Purpose Transistor PNP SiliconON Semiconductor
36471PN2907A-DGeneral Purpose Transistor PNP SiliconON Semiconductor
36472PN2907ARLRAGeneral Purpose Transistor PNP SiliconON Semiconductor
36473PZ3904GP Transistor SOT223ON Semiconductor
36474PZ3906GP Trans PNP SOT223ON Semiconductor
36475PZT2222ASmall Signal Switch NPNON Semiconductor
36476PZT2222AT1Small Signal Switch NPNON Semiconductor
36477PZT2222AT1-DNPN Silicon Planar Epitaxial TransistorON Semiconductor
36478PZT2222AT3Small Signal Switch NPNON Semiconductor
36479PZT2907ASmall Signal A/Switch PNPON Semiconductor
36480PZT2907AT1Small Signal A/Switch PNPON Semiconductor
36481PZT2907AT1-DPNP Silicon Epitaxial TransistorON Semiconductor
36482PZT2907AT3Small Signal A/Switch PNPON Semiconductor
36483PZT3904T1NPN General Purpose TransistorON Semiconductor
36484PZT3906T1PNP General Purpose TransistorON Semiconductor
36486PZT651NPN Silicon Planar Epitaxial TransistorON Semiconductor
36487PZT651T1NPN Silicon Planar Epitaxial TransistorON Semiconductor
36488PZT651T1-DNPN Silicon Planar Epitaxial TransistorON Semiconductor
36489PZT751PNP High CurrentON Semiconductor
36490PZT751T1PNP High CurrentON Semiconductor
36491PZT751T1-DPNP Silicon Planar Epitaxial TransistorON Semiconductor
36492PZT751T1GPNP Silicon Planar Epitaxial TransistorON Semiconductor
36493PZTA42Small Signal High-Voltage NPNON Semiconductor
36494PZTA42T1Small Signal High-Voltage NPNON Semiconductor
36495PZTA42T1-DHigh Voltage Transistor Surface MountON Semiconductor
36496PZTA92High Voltage TransistorON Semiconductor
36497PZTA92T1High Voltage TransistorON Semiconductor
36498PZTA92T1-DHigh Voltage Transistor PNP SiliconON Semiconductor
36499PZTA96SHigh Voltage PNP TransistorON Semiconductor
36500PZTA96ST1High Voltage PNP TransistorON Semiconductor

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