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No.Part NameDescription
1MMC229254-digit counter with multiplexed 7-segment output drivers
2MMC229264-digit counter with multiplexed 7-segment output drivers
3MMC229274-digit counter with multiplexed 7-segment output drivers
4MMC229284-digit counter with multiplexed 7-segment output drivers
5MMC300Step-by-step motor drive circuit
6MMC334Melody generator
8MMC353ALCD/LED Watch circuit
9MMC3558x8 cross point switch with control memory (serial switch addressing)
10MMC3568x8 cross point switch with control memory (parallel switch addressing)

14MMC362Frequency divider
15MMC371TV camera sync generator
16MMC381Frequency synthesiser controller
17MMC382Special decade divider for frequency synthesiser
18MMC383Special binary divider for frequency synthesiser
19MMC391Exponential counter
20MMC4000Dual 3-input NOR gate plus inverter
21MMC4001Quad 2-input NOR gate
22MMC4002Dual 4-input NOR gate
23MMC4007Dual complementary pair plus inverter
24MMC401044-bit bidirectional universal shift register
25MMC40107Dual 2-input NAND buffer/driver
26MMC4011Quad 2-input NAND gate
27MMC4012Dual 4-input NAND gate
28MMC4013Dual "D" with set/reset capability
29MMC40148-stage static shift register with synchronous parallel or serial input/serial output
30MMC4015Dual 4-stage static shift register with serial input/parallel output
31MMC4016Quad bilateral switch
32MMC40160Synchronous decade counter/asynchronous clear
33MMC40161Synchronous binary counter/asynchronous clear
34MMC40162Synchronous decade counter/synchronous clear
35MMC40163Synchronous binary counter/synchronous clear
36MMC4017Decade counter with decoded outputs
37MMC4018Presettable divide-by-"N"-counter, fixed or programmable
38MMC401814-bit arithmetic logic unit
39MMC4019Quad AND/OR select gate
40MMC40192Synchronous presettable 4-bit BCD up/down counter
41MMC40193Synchronous presettable 4-bit binary up/down counter
42MMC402014-stage binary/ripple counter
43MMC40218-stage static shift register with asynchronous parallel input or synchronous serial input/serial output
44MMC4022Synchronous divide-by-8 counter/divider with 8 decimal outputs
45MMC4023Triple 3-input NAND gate
46MMC40247-stage binary/ripple counter
47MMC40243Quad 3-state bus transceiver
48MMC4025Triple 3-input NOR gate
49MMC4027Dual "J-K" master-slave flip-flops with set/reset capability
50MMC4028BCD-to-decimal decoder

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