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Level One

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No.Part NameDescription
1HDXSK707071168 kbps HDSL Data Pump Chip Set
2HDXSK707081168 kbps HDSL Data Pump Chip Set
3IXP1200Level One(TM) IXP1200 Network Processor
4LXC6176Integrated T1/E1 Short-Haul Transceiver wtih Transmit JA
5LXC8192Integrated T1/E1 Short-Haul Transceiver wtih Transmit JA
6LXP600ALow-Jitter Clock Adapters(CLADs)
7LXP600ANELow-jitter clock adapter
8LXP602Low-Jitter Clock Adapters(CLADs)
9LXP602ANELow-jitter clock adapter
10LXP604Low-Jitter Clock Adapters(CLADs)
11LXP604ANELow-jitter clock adapter
12LXP610Low-Jitter Multi-Rate Clock Adapter(CLAD)

13LXP610NELow-jitter multi-rate clock adapter
14LXP610PELow-jitter multi-rate clock adapter
15LXT300ZNEShort/Haul transceiver
16LXT300ZPEShort/Haul transceiver
17LXT301ZNEShort/Haul transceiver
18LXT304ALow-Power T1/E1 Short-Haul Transceiver with Receive JA
19LXT304ANEShort/Haul transceiver with receive JA
20LXT304APEShort/Haul transceiver with receive JA
21LXT305AIntegrated T1/E1 Short-Haul Transceiver wtih Transmit JA
22LXT305ANEShort/Haul transceiver with receive JA
23LXT305APEShort/Haul transceiver with receive JA
24LXT307Low-Power E1 Integrated Short-Haul Transceiver
25LXT307NELow-power E1 integrated short-haul transceiver
26LXT307PELow-power E1 integrated short-haul transceiver
27LXT310T1 CSU/ISDN PRI Transceiver
28LXT310NEShort/Haul transceiver
29LXT310PEShort/Haul transceiver
30LXT312Low Power T1 PCM Repeaters/Transceivers
31LXT312NEShort/Haul transceiver
32LXT312PEShort/Haul transceiver
33LXT313Low Power E1 PCM Repeaters/Transceivers
34LXT313NEShort/Haul transceiver
35LXT313PEShort/Haul transceiver
36LXT315Low Power T1 PCM Repeaters/Transceivers
37LXT315NEShort/Haul transceiver
38LXT315PEShort/Haul transceiver
39LXT316Low Power E1 PCM Repeaters/Transceivers
40LXT316NEShort/Haul transceiver
41LXT316PEShort/Haul transceiver
42LXT317DECT Twitsted-Pair LIU Transceiver
43LXT317NEDECT twisted-pair LIU transceiver
44LXT317PEDECT twisted-pair LIU transceiver
45LXT318E1 NTU/ISDN PRI Transceiver
46LXT318NEE1 NTU/ISDN PRI transceiver
47LXT318PEE1 NTU/ISDN PRI transceiver
48LXT325T1/E1 Integrated Quad Receiver
49LXT325NET1/E1 Integrated Quad Receiver
50LXT325PET1/E1 Integrated Quad Receiver

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