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The requested file:
is the data sheet for the following electronic components:


#Part NameDescription
12N3634PNP Transistor
22N3634LPNP Transistor
32N3635PNP Transistor
42N3635LPNP Transistor
52N3636PNP Transistor
62N3636LPNP Transistor
72N3637PNP Transistor
82N3637LPNP Transistor
9JAN2N3634PNP Transistor
10JAN2N3634LPNP Transistor
11JAN2N3635PNP Transistor
12JAN2N3635LPNP Transistor
13JAN2N3636PNP Transistor
14JAN2N3636LPNP Transistor
15JAN2N3637PNP Transistor
16JAN2N3637LPNP Transistor
17JANS2N3634PNP Transistor
18JANS2N3634LPNP Transistor
19JANS2N3635PNP Transistor
20JANS2N3635LPNP Transistor
21JANS2N3636PNP Transistor
22JANS2N3636LPNP Transistor
23JANS2N3637PNP Transistor
24JANS2N3637LPNP Transistor
25JANTX2N3634PNP Transistor
26JANTX2N3634LPNP Transistor
27JANTX2N3635PNP Transistor
28JANTX2N3635LPNP Transistor
29JANTX2N3636PNP Transistor
30JANTX2N3636LPNP Transistor
31JANTX2N3637PNP Transistor
32JANTX2N3637LPNP Transistor
33JANTXV2N3634PNP Transistor
34JANTXV2N3634LPNP Transistor
35JANTXV2N3635PNP Transistor
36JANTXV2N3635LPNP Transistor
37JANTXV2N3636PNP Transistor
38JANTXV2N3636LPNP Transistor
39JANTXV2N3637PNP Transistor
40JANTXV2N3637LPNP Transistor

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