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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
201HT48CA68-Bit Remote Type Low Voltage Mask MCUHoltek Semiconductor
202HT48CXX8-Bit Microcontroller SeriesHoltek Semiconductor
203HT48E068-Bit I/O Type MCU (With EEPROM)Holtek Semiconductor
204HT48E50I/O Type 8-Bit MTP MCU With EEPROMHoltek Semiconductor
205HT48R05A8-Bit OTP MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
206HT48R05A-1Cost-Effective I/O Type 8-Bit MCUHoltek Semiconductor
207HT48R05A-18-Bit OTP MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
208HT48R06A-18-Bit OTP MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
209HT48R06A-1Cost-Effective I/O Type 8-Bit MCUHoltek Semiconductor
210HT48R10A8-Bit MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
211HT48R30A8-Bit MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
212HT48R30A-18-Bit MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor

213HT48R31-18-bit OTP MicrocontrollersHoltek Semiconductor
214HT48R31-28-bit OTP MicrocontrollersHoltek Semiconductor
215HT48R328 Bit OTP MicrocontrollersHoltek Semiconductor
216HT48R32-X8 Bit OTP MicrocontrollersHoltek Semiconductor
217HT48R50-18-bit OTP MicrocontrollersHoltek Semiconductor
218HT48R50-28-bit OTP MicrocontrollersHoltek Semiconductor
219HT48R50A8-Bit MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
220HT48R70A-1I/O Type 8-Bit MCUHoltek Semiconductor
221HT48RA0Remote Type 8-Bit MCUHoltek Semiconductor
222HT48RA0-2Remote Type 8-Bit MCUHoltek Semiconductor
223HT48RA0A8-Bit Remote Type OTP MCUHoltek Semiconductor
224HT48RA38-Bit Remote Type OTP MCUHoltek Semiconductor
225HT48RB88-Bit USB Type OTP MCUHoltek Semiconductor
226HT49C108-Bit MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
227HT49C30-18-Bit LCD Type MCUHoltek Semiconductor
228HT49C30L8-Bit LCD Type MCUHoltek Semiconductor
229HT49C508-Bit MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
230HT49R308-Bit LCD Type MCUHoltek Semiconductor
231HT49R30A-18-Bit LCD Type MCUHoltek Semiconductor
232HT49R508-Bit MicrocontrollerHoltek Semiconductor
233HT600318 Series of EncodersHoltek Semiconductor
234HT6010312 Series of EncodersHoltek Semiconductor
235HT6012312 Series of EncodersHoltek Semiconductor
236HT6014312 Series of EncodersHoltek Semiconductor
237HT6026Remote Control EncoderHoltek Semiconductor
238HT602L318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
239HT6030312 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
240HT6032312 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
241HT6034312 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
242HT604318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
243HT604L318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
244HT605L318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
245HT611318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
246HT6116CMOS 2K??8-Bit SRAMHoltek Semiconductor
247HT6116-70CMOS 2K??8-Bit SRAMHoltek Semiconductor
248HT612318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
249HT614318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor
250HT615318 Series of DecodersHoltek Semiconductor

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