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Hitachi Semiconductor

Datasheet Catalog - Page 52

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No.Part NameDescription
5101HD74LS1648-bit Parallel-out Serial-In Shift Register
5102HD74LS1648-Bit Parallel Out Serial In Shift Registers
5103HD74LS165Parallel-Load 8-bit Shift Register
5104HD74LS165AParallel-load 8-bit Shift Register
5105HD74LS165AParallel-Load 8-bit Shift Register
5106HD74LS166A8-Bit Shift Registers
5107HD74LS166A8-bit Shift Register
5108HD74LS1704-by-4 Register File
5109HD74LS1704-by-4 Register File with Open Collector output
5110HD74LS174Hex Quad D-Type Flip Flops with Clear
5111HD74LS174Hex D-type Flip-Flops with Clear
5112HD74LS175Hex Quad D-Type Flip Flops with Clear

5113HD74LS190Synchronous Up/Down Decade Counters
5114HD74LS190Synchronous Up/Down Decade Counter with Single Clock Line
5115HD74LS191Synchronous Up/Down 4-Bit Binary Counters
5116HD74LS191Synchronous Up/Down 4-bit Binary Counter with Single Clock Line
5117HD74LS192Synchronous Up/Down Decade Counters
5118HD74LS192Synchronous Up/Down Decade Counter with Dual Clock Lines
5119HD74LS193Synchronous Up/Down 4-bit Binary Counter with Dual Clock Lines
5120HD74LS193Synchronous Up/Down 4-Bit Binary Counters
5121HD74LS1944-bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Registers
5122HD74LS194A4-bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Register
5123HD74LS194A4-Bit Bidirectional Universal Shift Registers
5124HD74LS195A4-bit Parallel-Access Shift Register
5125HD74LS195A4-Bit Parallel Access Shift Registers
5126HD74LS20Dual 4-input Positive NAND Gates
5127HD74LS20Dual 4-input NAND Gates
5128HD74LS21Dual 4-input Positive AND Gates
5129HD74LS21Dual 4-input AND Gates
5130HD74LS22Dual 4-Input Positive NAND Gates
5131HD74LS22Dual 4-input NAND Gates with Open Collector output
5132HD74LS221Dual Monostable Multivibrators
5133HD74LS221Dual Monostable Multivibrators
5134HD74LS240Octal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers with inverted 3-state outputs
5135HD74LS240Octal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers
5136HD74LS240POctal buffers/line drivers/line receivers
5137HD74LS241Octal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers with non-inverted 3-state outputs
5138HD74LS241Octal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers
5139HD74LS242Quad Bus Transceivers
5140HD74LS242Quad. Bus Transceivers with inverted 3-state outputs
5141HD74LS243Quad Bus Transceivers
5142HD74LS243Quad. Bus Transceivers with non-inverted 3-state outputs
5143HD74LS244Octal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers with non-inverted 3-state outputs
5144HD74LS244Octal Buffers/Line Drivers/Line Receivers
5145HD74LS245Octal Bus Transceivers
5146HD74LS245Octal Bus Transceivers with 3-state outputs
5147HD74LS247BCD to Seven Segment Decoders/Drivers
5148HD74LS247BCD-to-Seven Segment Decode/Driver with 15V outputs
5149HD74LS248BCD to Seven Segment Decoders/Drivers
5150HD74LS248BCD-to-Seven Segment Decode/Driver with Internal Pull-up outputs
5151HD74LS249BCD-to-Seven Segment Decode/Driver with Open Collector outputs
5152HD74LS249BCD to Seven Segment Decoders/Drivers
5153HD74LS2511 of 8 Data Selectors/Multiplexers
5154HD74LS2511-of-8 Data Selector/Multiplexer with strobe and 3-state outputs
5155HD74LS253Dual 4 line-to-1 line Data Selector/Multiplexer with 3-state outputs
5156HD74LS253Dual 4-line to 1-line Data Selectors/Multiplexers
5157HD74LS257Quad. 2 line-to-1 line Data Selectors/Multiplexers with noninverted 3-state outputs
5158HD74LS257Quad 2-line to 1-line Data Selectors/Multiplexers
5159HD74LS258Quad 2-line to 1-line Data Selectors/Multiplexers
5160HD74LS258Quad. 2-to-1 line Data Selectors/Multiplexers with inverted 3-state outputs
5161HD74LS2598-bit Addressable Latch
5162HD74LS2598-Bit Addressable Latches
5163HD74LS26Quad 2-input High voltage Interface Positive NAND Gates
5164HD74LS26Quad. 2-input High-Voltage Interface NAND Gates
5165HD74LS266Quad. 2-input Exclusive-NOR Gates with Open Collector output
5166HD74LS266Quad 2-Input Exclusive NOR Gates
5167HD74LS27Triple 3-input Positive NOR Gates
5168HD74LS27Triple 3-input NOR Gates
5169HD74LS273Octal D-Type Positive Edge Triggered Flip Flops (with clear)
5170HD74LS273Octal D-type Edge-triggered Flip-Flops with Clear
5171HD74LS279Quad S-R Latches
5172HD74LS279Quad. S-R Latches
5173HD74LS2809-bit Odd/Even Parity Generator/Checker
5174HD74LS2809-Bit Odd/Even Parity Generators/Checkers
5175HD74LS2834-Bit Binary Full Address
5176HD74LS2834-bit Binary Full Adder
5177HD74LS2934-bit Binary Counter
5178HD74LS2934-Bit Binary Counters
5179HD74LS298Quad. 2-input Multiplexers with Storage
5180HD74LS298Quad 2-Input Multiplexers
5181HD74LS2994-bit Universal Shift/Storage Register with 3-state outputs
5182HD74LS2998-Bit Universal Shift/Storage Registers
5183HD74LS308-input NAND Gate
5184HD74LS308-input Positive NAND Gate
5185HD74LS32Quad. 2-input OR Gates
5186HD74LS32Quad 2-input Positive OR Gates
5187HD74LS365AHex Bus Drivers
5188HD74LS365AHex Bus Drivers with noninverted 3-state outputs
5189HD74LS366AHex Bus Drivers
5190HD74LS366AHex Bus Drivers with inverted 3-state outputs
5191HD74LS367Hex Bus Drivers(non-inverted data outputs with three-state outputs)
5192HD74LS367AHex Bus Drivers
5193HD74LS367AHex Bus Drivers with noninverted 3-state outputs
5194HD74LS368AHex Bus Drivers with inverted 3-state outputs
5195HD74LS37Quad 2-input Positive NAND Buffers
5196HD74LS37Quad. 2-input NAND Buffers
5197HD74LS373Octal D-type Transparent Latches with noninverted 3-state output
5198HD74LS373Octal D-type Transparent Latches
5199HD74LS373FP(SMD)Octal D-type Transparent Latches(with three-state outputs)
5200HD74LS373P(DIP)Octal D-type Transparent Latches(with three-state outputs)

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