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Fairchild Semiconductor

Datasheet Catalog - Page 295

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No.Part NameDescription
29401NC7SP19TinyLogic ULP 1-of-2 Decoder/Demultiplexer
29402NC7SP19L6XTinyLogic ULP 1-of-2 Decoder/Demultiplexer
29403NC7SP19P6XTinyLogic ULP 1-of-2 Decoder/Demultiplexer
29404NC7SP322-Input OR Gate
29405NC7SP32L6XTinyLogic ULP 2-Input OR Gate
29406NC7SP32P5XTinyLogic ULP 2-Input OR Gate
29407NC7SP34Single Buffer
29408NC7SP34L6XTinyLogic ULP Single Buffer
29409NC7SP34P5XTinyLogic ULP Single Buffer
29410NC7SP382-Input NAND Gate (Open Drain Output)
29411NC7SP38L6XTinyLogic ULP 2-Input NAND Gate (Open Drain Output)
29412NC7SP38P5XTinyLogic ULP 2-Input NAND Gate (Open Drain Output)

29413NC7SP5TinyLogic. ULP Universal Configurable 2-Input Logic Gates
29414NC7SP57Universal Configurable 2-Input Logic Gates
29415NC7SP57L6XTinyLogic ULP Universal Configurable 2-Input Logic Gates
29416NC7SP57P6XTinyLogic ULP Universal Configurable 2-Input Logic Gates
29417NC7SP58Universal Configurable 2-Input Logic Gates
29418NC7SP58L6XTinyLogic ULP Universal Configurable 2-Input Logic Gates
29419NC7SP58P6XTinyLogic ULP Universal Configurable 2-Input Logic Gates
29420NC7SP74TinyLogic ULP D-Type Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear
29421NC7SP74K8XTinyLogic ULP D-Type Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear
29422NC7SP74K8X_NLTinyLogic ULP D-Type Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear
29423NC7SP74L8XTinyLogic ULP D-Type Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear
29424NC7SP862-Input Exclusive OR Gate
29425NC7SP86L6XTinyLogic ULP 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29426NC7SP86P5XTinyLogic ULP 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29427NC7SPU04Unbuffered Inverter
29428NC7SPU04L6XTinyLogic ULP Unbuffered Inverter
29429NC7SPU04P5XTinyLogic ULP Unbuffered Inverter
29430NC7SPU04P5X_NLTinyLogic ULP Unbuffered Inverter
29431NC7ST002-Input NAND Gate
29432NC7ST00L6XTinyLogic HST 2-Input NAND Gate
29433NC7ST00M5TinyLogic HST 2-Input NAND Gate
29434NC7ST00M5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input NAND Gate
29435NC7ST00P5TinyLogic HST 2-Input NAND Gate
29436NC7ST00P5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input NAND Gate
29437NC7ST00P5X_NLTinyLogic HST 2-Input NAND Gate
29438NC7ST022-Input NOR Gate
29439NC7ST02L6XTinyLogic HST 2-Input NOR Gate
29440NC7ST02M5TinyLogic HST 2-Input NOR Gate
29441NC7ST02M5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input NOR Gate
29442NC7ST02P5TinyLogic HST 2-Input NOR Gate
29443NC7ST02P5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input NOR Gate
29444NC7ST04TinyLogic TM HST Inverter
29445NC7ST04L6XTinyLogic HST Inverter
29446NC7ST04M5TinyLogic HST Inverter
29447NC7ST04M5XTinyLogic HST Inverter
29448NC7ST04M5X_NLTinyLogic HST Inverter
29449NC7ST04P5TinyLogic HST Inverter
29450NC7ST04P5XTinyLogic HST Inverter
29451NC7ST04P5X_NLTinyLogic HST Inverter
29452NC7ST082-Input NOR Gate
29453NC7ST08L6XTinyLogic HST 2-Input AND Gate
29454NC7ST08M5TinyLogic HST 2-Input AND Gate
29455NC7ST08M5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input AND Gate
29456NC7ST08M5X_NLTinyLogic HST 2-Input AND Gate
29457NC7ST08P5TinyLogic HST 2-Input AND Gate
29458NC7ST08P5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input AND Gate
29459NC7ST08P5X_NLTinyLogic HST 2-Input AND Gate
29460NC7ST322-Input OR Gate
29461NC7ST32L6XTinyLogic HST 2-Input OR Gate
29462NC7ST32M5TinyLogic HST 2-Input OR Gate
29463NC7ST32M5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input OR Gate
29464NC7ST32M5X_NLTinyLogic HST 2-Input OR Gate
29465NC7ST32P5TinyLogic HST 2-Input OR Gate
29466NC7ST32P5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input OR Gate
29467NC7ST32P5X_NLTinyLogic HST 2-Input OR Gate
29468NC7ST862-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29469NC7ST86L6XTinyLogic HST 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29470NC7ST86M5TinyLogic HST 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29471NC7ST86M5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29472NC7ST86P5TinyLogic HST 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29473NC7ST86P5XTinyLogic HST 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29474NC7ST86P5X_NLTinyLogic HST 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
29475NC7SU04Unbuffered Inverter
29476NC7SU04L6XTinyLogic HS Unbuffered Inverter
29477NC7SU04M5TinyLogic HS Unbuffered Inverter
29478NC7SU04M5XTinyLogic HS Unbuffered Inverter
29479NC7SU04P5TinyLogic HS Unbuffered Inverter
29480NC7SU04P5XTinyLogic HS Unbuffered Inverter
29481NC7SU04P5X_NLTinyLogic HS Unbuffered Inverter
29482NC7SV00ULP-A 2-Input NAND Gate
29483NC7SV00L6XTinyLogic ULP-A 2-Input NAND Gate
29484NC7SV00P5XTinyLogic ULP-A 2-Input NAND Gate
29485NC7SV02ULP-A 2-Input NOR Gate
29486NC7SV02L6XTinyLogic ULP-A 2-Input NOR Gate
29487NC7SV02P5XTinyLogic ULP-A 2-Input NOR Gate
29488NC7SV04ULP-A Inverter (Preliminary)
29489NC7SV04L6XTinyLogic ULP-A Inverter
29490NC7SV04P5XTinyLogic ULP-A Inverter
29491NC7SV05ULP-A Inverter (Open Drain Output)
29492NC7SV05L6XTinyLogic ULP-A Inverter (Open Drain Output)
29493NC7SV05P5XTinyLogic ULP-A Inverter (Open Drain Output)
29494NC7SV08ULP-A 2-Input AND Gate
29495NC7SV08L6XTinyLogic ULP-A 2-Input AND Gate
29496NC7SV08P5XTinyLogic ULP-A 2-Input AND Gate
29497NC7SV08P5X_NLTinyLogic ULP-A 2-Input AND Gate
29498NC7SV11TinyLogic ULP-A 3-Input AND Gate
29499NC7SV11L6XTinyLogic ULP-A 3-Input AND Gate
29500NC7SV11P6XTinyLogic ULP-A 3-Input AND Gate

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