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No.Part NameDescription
1CM1481Non-Predictive Selcall Module
2CMX017UHF FM/FSK Transmitter
3CMX018UHF FM/FSK Receiver
4CMX018D6UHF FM/FSK Receiver
5CMX208ISDN Dual Telephony Protocol Engine
6CMX218ISDN Data and Telephony-Protocol Engine
7CMX228ISDN Protocol Engine D-Channel Data
8CMX264Frequency Domain Split Band Scrambler
9CMX469A1200/2400/4800bps Full Duplex MSK Modem
10CMX469AD31200/2400/4800 baud FFSK/MSK modem
11CMX469AE21200/2400/4800 baud FFSK/MSK modem
12CMX469AP61200/2400/4800 baud FFSK/MSK modem

13CMX589A, MX909A, MX029Using Two-Point Modulation to Reduce Synthesizer Problems When Designing DC-Coupled GMSK Modulators
14CMX589A, MX909A, MX919B, MX929BIncreasing Data Throughput in Radio Telemetry Systems
15CMX589AD2GMSK modem
16CMX589AD5GMSK modem
17CMX589AE2GMSK modem
18CMX589AP4GMSK modem
19CMX602AUsing the CMX602A in place of the MX602
20CMX602ACalling Line Identifier - plus Call Waiting
21CMX602BCalling Line Identifier - plus Call Waiting
22CMX602BDesign Migration from CMX602A to CMX602B
23CMX605Digital Line to POTS Interface
24CMX605Digital-To-Analogue Line Interface Device - with DTMF Decoder
25CMX612Calling Line ID with VMWI
26CMX615Digital Line to POTS Interface
27CMX615Digital Line to POTS Interface
28CMX624D2V.23/Bell 202 modem
29CMX624D5V.23/Bell 202 modem
30CMX624P4V.23/Bell 202 modem
31CMX625ISDN TA POTS Interface
32CMX625ISDN TA POTS Interface
33CMX625D5ISDN TA pots interface.
34CMX625P4ISDN TA pots interface.
35CMX631ASPM Detector
36CMX635ISDN Subscriber Processor
37CMX635ISDN Subscriber Processor
38CMX635L4ISDN subscriber processor.
39CMX639D4CVSD digital voice codec
40CMX639E2CVSD digital voice codec
41CMX639P6CVSD digital voice codec
42CMX641ADual SPM/Security Detector/Generator
43CMX641ADual SPM/Security Detector/Generator
44CMX641AD2Dual SMP/security detector/generator.
45CMX641AP4Dual SMP/security detector/generator.
46CMX644AV22 and Bell 212A Modem with DTMF Generator
47CMX649D3ADM codec.
48CMX649E3ADM codec.
49CMX654V23 Transmit Modulator
50CMX661Dual SPM Decoder for Pair Gain Applications

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