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Datasheet Catalog - Page 4

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No.Part NameDescription
151CX81801-73SmartV.XX Modem
152CX81801-74SmartV.XX Modem
153CX81801-7XSmartV.XX Modem
154CX81801-82SmartV.XX Modem
155CX81801-83SmartV.XX Modem
156CX81801-84SmartV.XX Modem
157CX81801-8XSmartV.XX Modem
158CX82100Home Network Processor
159CX82100OSession Initiation Protocol / Voice-Over-IP Adaptor
160CX82320Single-Chip ADSL Endpoint
161CX86202Network Processor with Integrated Ethernet Switch and USB 2.0 Support
162CX88168SCMSmart SCM modem

163CX90410Voice Coprocessor
164CX90411Voice Coprocessor
165CX90412Voice Coprocessor
166CXD9450Single-Chip FaxEngine Product Family
167CXD9450-13Single-Chip FaxEngine Product Family
168CXD9450-14Single-Chip FaxEngine Product Family
169CXD9450-15Single-Chip FaxEngine Product Family
170CXD9450-23Single-Chip FaxEngine Product Family
171CXD9450-24Single-Chip FaxEngine Product Family
172CXD9450-25Single-Chip FaxEngine Product Family
173DS28-L147-203SmartV.XX Modem
174DS28-L147-204SmartV.XX Modem
175DS28-L147-206SmartV.XX Modem
176DS56-L147-203SmartV.XX Modem
177DS56-L147-204SmartV.XX Modem
178DS56-L147-206SmartV.XX Modem
179DS96-L147-203SmartV.XX Modem
180DS96-L147-204SmartV.XX Modem
181DS96-L147-206SmartV.XX Modem
182FC100Modem family
183FC200Modem family
184FM2099600/14400 bps Monofax Modem Family
185FM2149600/14400 bps Monofax Modem Family
186FM336V.34/Group 3 High Performance Fax Modem Family
187FM336-DV.34/Group 3 high performance fax Modem family
188FM336-D90V.34/Group 3 high performance fax Modem family
189FM336PLUS34/Group 3 High Performance Fax Modem Family
190FM336PLUS-DV.34/Group 3 High Performance Fax Modem Family
191FM336PLUS-D90V.34/Group 3 High Performance Fax Modem Family
192FUSION 878APCI Video Decoder
193FUSION878APCI video decoder
194HCFL/56V.90/K56flex PC Card Device Sets for Host-Controlled, Low Power Applications
195L2702SmartACFL Modem
196L2702-12SmartACFL Modem
197L2702-15SmartACFL Modem
198L2800Modem device sets
199L5502-11V90/K56 flex PC card device set
200LSD20463Smart HCF mobile modem

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