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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
639161JANS1N5811Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639162JANS1N5811URSUltra Fast Rectifier (trr less than 100ns)Microsemi
639163JANS1N5811USUltra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639164JANS1N5812Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639165JANS1N5812RUltra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639166JANS1N5814Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639167JANS1N5814RUltra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639168JANS1N5816Ultra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639169JANS1N5816RUltra Fast Rectifier (less than 100ns)Microsemi
639170JANS1N5819-1Si Schottky Rectifier DiodesMicrosemi
639171JANS1N5819UR-1Schottky RectifierMicrosemi
639172JANS1N5822Schottky RectifierMicrosemi
639173JANS1N5822USSchottky RectifierMicrosemi
639174JANS1N5968Zener Voltage Regulator DiodeMicrosemi
639175JANS1N5968USZener Voltage Regulator DiodeMicrosemi
639176JANS1N5969Zener Voltage Regulator DiodeMicrosemi
639177JANS1N5969USZener Voltage Regulator DiodeMicrosemi
639178JANS1N6103Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639179JANS1N6103ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi

639180JANS1N6103AUSTransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639181JANS1N6104Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639182JANS1N6104ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639183JANS1N6104AUSTransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639184JANS1N6105Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639185JANS1N6105ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639186JANS1N6105AUSTransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639187JANS1N6106Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639188JANS1N6106ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639189JANS1N6106AUSTransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639190JANS1N6107Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639191JANS1N6107ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639192JANS1N6107AUSTransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639193JANS1N6108Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639194JANS1N6108ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639195JANS1N6108AUSTransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639196JANS1N6109Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639197JANS1N6109ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639198JANS1N6109AUSTransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi
639199JANS1N6110Standard Unidirectional and Bidirectional TVSMicrosemi
639200JANS1N6110ATransient Voltage SuppressorMicrosemi

Datasheets found :: 1567829
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