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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
450641ENA2232N-Channel Power MOSFET, 1500V, 2.5A, 10.5Ohm TO-220F-3FSON Semiconductor
450642ENA2233Buck Converter, Switching Regulator, 1-ChannelON Semiconductor
450643ENA2234Speech Processing ICON Semiconductor
450644ENA2235N-Channel Power MOSFET, 1500V, 2.5A, 10.5Ω, TO-3P-3LON Semiconductor
450645ENA2236N-Channel Power MOSFET, 1500V, 0.1A, 150Ω, TO-220F-3FSON Semiconductor
450646ENA2237Battery Monitor IC for 1-Cell Lithium-ion (Li+)ON Semiconductor
450647ENA2238OIS Controller & DriverON Semiconductor
450648ENA2239OIS/AF Controller & DriverON Semiconductor
450649ENA2240PFC converter+3-phase Inverter Power H-IC for 3-phase Motor DriveON Semiconductor
450650ENA2241AF ControllerON Semiconductor
450651ENA2242AF ControllerON Semiconductor
450652ENA2243N-Channel Power MOSFET, 24V, 10A, 11.6mΩ, Dual ECH8 Common DrainON Semiconductor
450653ENA2244STK554U392A-E DatasheetON Semiconductor
450654ENA2245Blurring Correction DriverON Semiconductor
450655ENA2246P-Channel Power MOSFET, -30V, -2.0A, 215mohm, Single MCPH3ON Semiconductor
450656ENA2247OIS Controller & DriverON Semiconductor
450657ENA22482-phase Stepping Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450658ENA22492-phase Stepping Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450659ENA2250N-Channel Power MOSFET, 60V, 170A, 3.3mΩ, TO-263ON Semiconductor

450660ENA22522-phase Stepping Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450661ENA2253FM Multiplex Broadcasting Receive TunerON Semiconductor
450662ENA2254Dual H-bridge Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450663ENA225564 kb SPI CMOS Serial EEPROMON Semiconductor
450664ENA2256PWM Constant-Current Control Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450665ENA2258N-Channel JFT, 30V, 1.2 to 3.0mA, 5.0mS, SOT-883ON Semiconductor
450666ENA2259N-Channel JFT, 40V, 50 to 130uA, 0.11mS, SOT-883ON Semiconductor
450667ENA22618M-bit (1024K x 8) Serial Flash MemoryON Semiconductor
450668ENA2264Single-Phase Full-Wave BTL Fan Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450669ENA2265Forward/Reverse DC Brush Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450670ENA2266BTL Drive Single-Phase Full-Wave Fan Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450671ENA2267N-Channel Power MOSFET, 24V, 9A, 15mohm, Dual EMH8ON Semiconductor
450672ENA2268Liner Vibrator Driver ICON Semiconductor
450673ENA22698M-bit (1024K x 8) Serial Flash MemoryON Semiconductor
450674ENA22702-phase Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450675ENA22722-phase Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450676ENA22742-phase Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450677ENA2276Unipolar 2-phase Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450678ENA22772-phase Stepper Motor DriverON Semiconductor
450679ENA2280ENA2280-D.PDFON Semiconductor
450680ENA2281ENA2281-D.PDFON Semiconductor

Datasheets found :: 1567829
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