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Nr.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer by
406361EVAL-CONTROLBRD2Differential Input, 1MSPS, 12-Bit ADC in ¥ìSO-8 and S0-8Analog Devices
406362EVAL-CONTROLBRD21.8 V, Micro-Power, 8/10/12-Bit ADCs in 6 Lead SOT-23Analog Devices
406363EVAL-CONTROLBRD23MSPS, 12-Bit SAR ADCAnalog Devices
406364EVAL-CONTROLBRD23MSPS, 14-Bit SAR ADCAnalog Devices
406365EVAL-CONTROLBRD216-Bit, 570 kSPS CMOS ADCAnalog Devices
406366EVAL-CONTROLBRD216-Bit, 100 kSPS, Differential ADCAnalog Devices
406367EVAL-CONTROLBRD216-Bit +-1 LSB INL, 500 kSPS, Differential ADCAnalog Devices
406368EVAL-CONTROLBRD216-Bit, 1 LSB INL, 1 MSPS Differential ADCAnalog Devices
406369EVAL-CONTROLBRD2Touch Screen DigitizerAnalog Devices
406370EVAL-CONTROLBRD2Dual 1 MSPS, 12-Bit, 2-Channel SAR ADC with Serial InterfaceAnalog Devices
406371EVAL-CONTROLBRD25 V, 12-Bit, Serial 220 kSPS ADC in an 8-Lead PackageAnalog Devices
406372EVAL-CONTROLBRD2Evaluation Board AD766X/AD767XAnalog Devices
406373EVAL-CONTROLBRD22Differential Input, Dual 2 MSPS, 12-Bit, 3-Channel SAR ADCAnalog Devices
406374EVAL-CONTROLBRD22Software Selectable True Bipolar Input/ 2-Channel/ 12-Bit Plus Sign ADCAtmel
406375EVAL-CONTROLBRD241 MSPS, 12-Bit ADCsAnalog Devices
406376EVAL-CONTROLBRD252.35 V to 5.25 V/ 1 MSPS/ 12-/10-/8-Bit ADCs in 6-Lead SC70Analog Devices
406377EVAL-CONTROLBRD316-Bit, 100 kSPS PulSAR ADC in MSOP/QFNAnalog Devices
406378EVAL-L9942Evaluation board for L9942XP microstepping fully integrated motor driverST Microelectronics

406379EVAL-L9958Evaluation board for high current (8.6A) DC and Stepper MotorsST Microelectronics
406380EVAL-PRAOPAMPUniversal Precision Op Amp Evaluation BoardAnalog Devices
406381EVAL-RHF100RHF100 Evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406382EVAL-RHF1009ARHF1009A Evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406383EVAL-RHF1201V2RHF1201 Evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406384EVAL-RHF1401V2RHF1401 Evaluation BoardST Microelectronics
406385EVAL-RHF310V1RHF310 Evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406386EVAL-RHF330V1RHF330 Evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406387EVAL-RHF350V1RHF350 Evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406388EVAL-RHF43BV1RHF43B Evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406389EVAL-RX95HFEvaluation board for RX95HF , NOT FOR SALEST Microelectronics
406390EVAL-ST95HFEvaluation board for ST95HFST Microelectronics
406391EVAL-TMP05/06EBComplete Temperature Monitoring SystemAnalog Devices
406392EVAL-VL6180XVL6180X premium evaluation kit (EVK)ST Microelectronics
406393EVAL-VNH5019-P1VNH5019 Motor Driver CarrierST Microelectronics
406394EVAL-VNH5019-P2Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield for ArduinoST Microelectronics
406395EVAL2293QL2293Q push-pull four channel driver with integrated diodes evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406396EVAL5980L5980, 0.7 A step-down switching regulator, evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406397EVAL5981L5981, 1 A step-down switching regulator, evaluation boardST Microelectronics
406398EVAL59831.5 A step-down switching regulator demonstration board based on the L5983ST Microelectronics
406399EVAL5985Evaluation board for L5985: 2A step-down switching regulatorST Microelectronics
406400EVAL59862.5 A step-down switching regulator demonstration board based on the L5986, L5986AST Microelectronics

Datasheets found :: 1351361Page: << | 10155 | 10156 | 10157 | 10158 | 10159 | 10160 | 10161 | 10162 | 10163 | 10164 | 10165 | >>
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