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Nr.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer by
358561DBB03Baseband ASIC for Dolphin ChipsetTexas Instruments
358562DBB04Diffused Junction Silicon Diode 0.4A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358563DBB04CSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358564DBB08Diffused Junction Silicon Diode 0.8A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358565DBB080.8A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierON Semiconductor
358566DBB08CSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358567DBB08GSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358568DBB101.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358569DBC101A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358570DBC98C51SMBus Device Bay ControllerStandard Microsystems
358571DBD101.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358572DBD10CDiffused Junction Silicon Diode 1.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358573DBD10GDiffused Junction Silicon Diode 1.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358574DBE0209High-Speed Current Amplifieretc
358575DBE0640Variable-Gain Ultra-Wideband Voltage Amplifieretc
358576DBES105AFlip-Chip Dual DiodeUnited Monolithic Semiconductors
358577DBES105A-99F/00Flip-Chip Dual DiodeUnited Monolithic Semiconductors
358578DBF 050...Feed-through capacitors with conductor rod, 15KVp to 30KVpVishay

358579DBF 050166Feed-Through Capacitors with Conductor RodVishay
358580DBF 050166Feed-Through Capacitors with R 16 High Q CeramicVishay
358581DBF 050180Feed-Through Capacitors with Conductor RodVishay
358582DBF10Diffused Junction Silicon Diode 1.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358583DBF10CSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358584DBF10GSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358585DBF150Silicon Diffused Junction Type 15A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358586DBF150CSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358587DBF150GSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358588DBF20Diffused Junction Silicon Diode 2.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358589DBF20CSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358590DBF20T2.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358591DBF250Silicon Diffused Junction Type 25A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358592DBF250CSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358593DBF250GSingle-Phase Bridge Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358594DBF40Silicon Diffused Junction Type 4.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358595DBF40CHigh-Speed Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358596DBF40GHigh-Speed Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358597DBF40T4.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358598DBF60Silicon Diffused Junction Type 6.0A Single-Phase Bridge RectifierSANYO
358599DBF60CHigh-Speed Rectifying DiodesSANYO
358600DBF60GHigh-Speed Rectifying DiodesSANYO

Datasheets found :: 1351361Page: << | 8960 | 8961 | 8962 | 8963 | 8964 | 8965 | 8966 | 8967 | 8968 | 8969 | 8970 | >>
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