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Datasheets found :: 1567829
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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
271401BC848B,CTransistors > Small Signal Bipolar Transistors(up to 0.6W)ROHM
271403BC848B-1KSOT23 NPN SILICON PLANARZetex Semiconductors
271404BC848B-7-FBipolar TransistorsDiodes
271405BC848B-GSmall Signal Transistor, VCBO=30V, VCEO=30V, VEBO=6V, IC=0.1AComchip Technology
271406BC848BDW1T130 V, dual general purpose transistorLeshan Radio Company
271407BC848BFNPN general purpose transistorsPhilips
271408BC848BHZGNPN General purpose transistorROHM
271409BC848BHZGT116NPN General purpose transistorROHM
271410BC848BLSmall Signal XST MINION Semiconductor
271411BC848BLT1General Purpose Transistors(NPN Silicon)Leshan Radio Company
271412BC848BLT1CASE 318-08, STYLE 6 SOT-23 (TO-236AB)Motorola
271413BC848BLT1Small Signal XST MINION Semiconductor
271414BC848BLT3Small Signal XST MINION Semiconductor
271415BC848BMTFNPN Epitaxial Silicon TransistorFairchild Semiconductor
271416BC848BPDW1T1Dual General Purpose Transistors(NPN/PNP Duals)ON Semiconductor
271417BC848BTNPN Silicon AF TransistorsInfineon
271418BC848BT116NPN General purpose transistorROHM
271419BC848BWBipolar TransistorsDiodes

271420BC848BWSurface mount Si-Epitaxial PlanarTransistorsDiotec Elektronische
271421BC848BWGeneral Purpose Transistors - SOT323 packageInfineon
271422BC848BWNPN transistor for general purpose and switching applicationsKorea Electronics (KEC)
271423BC848BWSOT-323 Plastic-Encapsulate Biploar TransistorsMicro Commercial Components
271424BC848BWGeneral Purpose Transistor NPNON Semiconductor
271425BC848BWTransistors > Small Signal Bipolar Transistors(up to 0.6W)ROHM
271426BC848BWNPN Silicon AF Transistor (For AF input stages and driver applications High current gain Low collector-emitter saturation voltage)Siemens
271427BC848BWDiscrete Devices-Transistor-NPN Bipolar TransistorTaiwan Semiconductor
271428BC848BW-7-FBipolar TransistorsDiodes
271429BC848BW-GSmall Signal Transistor, VCBO=30V, VCEO=30V, VEBO=5V, IC=0.1AComchip Technology
271430BC848BWT1General Purpose Transistors(NPN Silicon)Leshan Radio Company
271431BC848BWT1CASE 419-02, STYLE 3 SOT-323/SC-70Motorola
271432BC848BWT1General Purpose Transistor NPNON Semiconductor
271433BC848BWT106NPN General Purpose Amplification TransistorROHM
271434BC848CSMD Small Signal Transistor NPN General Purpose Amplifier/SwitchCentral Semiconductor
271435BC848C 0.250W General Purpose NPN SMD Transistor. 30V Vceo, 0.100A Ic, 420 - 800 hFE. Complementary BC858CContinental Device India Limited
271436BC848CBipolar TransistorsDiodes
271437BC848CSurface mount Si-Epitaxial PlanarTransistorsDiotec Elektronische
271438BC848Chfe min 420 NF max. 10 dB Transistor polarity NPN Current Ic continuous max 100 mA Voltage Vceo 30 V Current Ic (hfe) 2 mA Power Ptot 250 mWFairchild Semiconductor
271439BC848CSmall Signal Transistors (NPN)General Semiconductor
271440BC848CGeneral Purpose Transistors - SOT323 packageInfineon

Datasheets found :: 1567829
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