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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1252121RRH140P03GZETB4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252122RRL025P034V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252123RRL025P03FRAPch -30V -2.5A Power MOSFETROHM
1252124RRL025P03FRATRPch -30V -2.5A Power MOSFETROHM
1252125RRL025P03TR4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252126RRL035P034V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252127RRL035P03FRAPch -30V -3.5A Power MOSFETROHM
1252128RRL035P03FRATRPch -30V -3.5A Power MOSFETROHM
1252129RRL035P03TR4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252130RRQ020P03Pch -30V -2A Middle Power MOSFETROHM
1252131RRQ020P03TCRPch -30V -2A Middle Power MOSFETROHM
1252132RRQ030P034V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252133RRQ030P03FRAPch -30V -3A Power MOSFETROHM
1252134RRQ030P03FRATRPch -30V -3A Power MOSFETROHM
1252135RRQ030P03TR4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252136RRQ045P034V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252137RRQ045P03FRAPch -30V -4.5A Power MOSFETROHM
1252138RRQ045P03FRATRPch -30V -4.5A Power MOSFETROHM
1252139RRQ045P03TR4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM

1252140RRR015P034V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252141RRR015P03TL4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252142RRR030P034V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252143RRR030P03FRAPch 30V 3A Power MOSFETROHM
1252144RRR030P03FRATLPch 30V 3A Power MOSFETROHM
1252145RRR030P03TL4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252146RRR040P034V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252147RRR040P03FRAPch -30V -4A Power MOSFETROHM
1252148RRR040P03FRATLPch -30V -4A Power MOSFETROHM
1252149RRR040P03TL4V Drive Pch MOSFETROHM
1252150RRS050P03FRAPch -30V -5A Middle Power MOSFETROHM
1252151RRS050P03FRATBPch -30V -5A Middle Power MOSFETROHM
1252152RS 1AFast-Recovery Rectifier Diodes (600 to 1000V)Sanken
1252153RS 1BFast-Recovery Rectifier Diodes (600 to 1000V)Sanken
1252154RS 3FSFast-Recovery Rectifier Diodes (1300V and over)Sanken
1252155RS 4FSFast-Recovery Rectifier Diodes (1300V and over)Sanken
1252156RS, NSMilitary, MIL-R-26 Qualified, Type RW, Silicone Coated, Complete Welded Construction, High-temperature Silicone Coating, Meets Applicable Requirements of MIL-R-26, Available in Non-Inductive Styles (NS) with Aryton-Perry WindingVishay
1252157RS-0505ECONOLINE - DC/DC - CONVERTERRecom International Power
1252158RS-0509ECONOLINE - DC/DC - CONVERTERRecom International Power
1252159RS-0512ECONOLINE - DC/DC - CONVERTERRecom International Power
1252160RS-0515ECONOLINE - DC/DC - CONVERTERRecom International Power

Datasheets found :: 1567829
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