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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
1160415962-9951501VGAOperational AmplifierNational Semiconductor
1160425962-9951501VGAOperational AmplifierNational Semiconductor
1160435962-9951501VGAOperational AmplifierNational Semiconductor
1160445962-9951501VPAOperational AmplifierNational Semiconductor
1160455962-9951501VPAOperational AmplifierNational Semiconductor
1160465962-9951501VPAOperational AmplifierNational Semiconductor
1160475962-9951501VPAOperational AmplifierNational Semiconductor
1160485962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160495962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160505962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160515962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160525962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160535962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160545962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160555962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160565962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160575962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160585962-9951701VZA3-Terminal Adjustable Negative RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160595962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor

1160605962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160615962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160625962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160635962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160645962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160655962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160665962-9951703VZA3-Terminal Adjustable RegulatorNational Semiconductor
1160675962-9951866W -120W Total Output Power 270 Vin +/-12 Vout Dual DC-DC Standard Converter in an AFL Package. DLA Number 5962-99518International Rectifier
1160685962-9951901QYA5V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 64 macrocells, 125MHzCypress
1160695962-9951902QYA5V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 64 macrocells, 154MHzCypress
1160705962-9952001QYA3.3V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 64 macrocells, 100MHzCypress
1160715962-9952101QYA5V, 3.3V, ISRTM High-Performance CPLDsCypress
1160725962-9952102QYA5V, 3.3V, ISRTM High-Performance CPLDsCypress
1160735962-9952201QYA3.3V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 128 macrocells, 83MHzCypress
1160745962-9952301QZC5V, 3.3V, ISRTM High-Performance CPLDsCypress
1160755962-9952302QZC5V, 3.3V, ISRTM High-Performance CPLDsCypress
1160765962-9952401QZC3.3V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 256 macrocells, 66MHzCypress
1160775962-9952501QZC5V, 3.3V, ISRTM High-Performance CPLDsCypress
1160785962-9952502QZC5V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 512 macrocells, 100MHzCypress
1160795962-9952601QZC3.3V, ISR high-performance CPLDs, 512 macrocells, 66MHzCypress
1160805962-9953401QXALow-Voltage 16-Bit Transparent Latch with 5V Tolerant Inputs and OutputsNational Semiconductor

Datasheets found :: 1567829
Page: << | 2897 | 2898 | 2899 | 2900 | 2901 | 2902 | 2903 | 2904 | 2905 | 2906 | 2907 | >>

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