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Analog Devices

Datasheet Catalog - Page 19

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No.Part NameDescription
1801AD5173BRM2.5256-Position One-Time Programmable Dual-Channel I2C Digital Potentiometers
1802AD5173BRM2.5-RL7256-Position One-Time Programmable Dual-Channel I2C Digital Potentiometers
1803AD5173BRM50256-Position One-Time Programmable Dual-Channel I2C Digital Potentiometers
1804AD5173BRM50-RL7256-Position One-Time Programmable Dual-Channel I2C Digital Potentiometers
1805AD5173EVAL256-Position One-Time Programmable Dual-Channel I2C Compatible Digital Resistor
1806AD5173EVAL1256-Position One-Time Programmable Dual-Channel I2C Digital Potentiometers
1807AD5174Single-Channel, 1024-Position, Digital Rheostat with SPI interface and 50-TP Memory
1808AD5175Single-Channel, 1024-Position, Digital Rheostat with I²C Interface and 50-TP Memory
1809AD517LHLow Cost / Laser Trimmed / Precision IC Op Amp
1810AD518Low Cost / High Speed / IC Operational Amplifier
1811AD5200256- (AD5200) and 33-Position (AD5201) Digital Potentiometers
1812AD52000BD+-18V; 12-bit successive approximation high accuracy A/D converter

1813AD52000TD+-18V; 12-bit successive approximation high accuracy A/D converter
1814AD5200BRM10256- (AD5200) and 33-Position (AD5201) Digital Potentiometers
1815AD5200BRM10-REEL7256-Position and 33-Position Digital Potentiometers
1816AD5200BRM50-REEL7256-Position and 33-Position Digital Potentiometers
1817AD520133-Position Digital Potentiometer
1818AD52010BD+-18V; 12-bit successive approximation high accuracy A/D converter
1819AD52010TD+-18V; 12-bit successive approximation high accuracy A/D converter
1820AD5201BRM1033-Position Digital Potentiometer
1821AD5201BRM10-REEL7256-Position and 33-Position Digital Potentiometers
1822AD5201BRM50-REEL7256-Position and 33-Position Digital Potentiometers
1823AD52034-Channel, 64-Position Digital Potentiometer
1824AD5203AN104-Channel, 64-Position Digital Potentiometer
1825AD5203AN1004-Channel, 64-Position Digital Potentiometer
1826AD5203AR104-Channel, 64-Position Digital Potentiometer
1827AD5203AR1004-Channel, 64-Position Digital Potentiometer
1828AD5203ARU104-Channel, 64-Position Digital Potentiometer
1829AD5203ARU1004-Channel, 64-Position Digital Potentiometer
1830AD52044-Channel, 256-Position Digital Potentiometer
1831AD5204BN104-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1832AD5204BN1004-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1833AD5204BN504-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1834AD5204BR104-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1835AD5204BR1004-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1836AD5204BR504-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1837AD5204BRU104-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1838AD5204BRU1004-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1839AD5204BRU504-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1840AD52066-Channel, 256-Position Digital Potentiometer
1841AD5206BN104-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1842AD5206BN1004-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1843AD5206BN504-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1844AD5206BR104-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1845AD5206BR1004-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1846AD5206BR504-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1847AD5206BRU104-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1848AD5206BRU1004-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1849AD5206BRU504-/6-Channel Digital Potentiometers
1850AD5207Dual, 256 Position, Digital Potentiometer
1851AD5207BRU10Dual, 256 Position, Digital Potentiometer
1852AD5207BRU10-REEL72-Channel, 256-Position Digital Potentiometer
1853AD5207BRU100-REEL72-Channel, 256-Position Digital Potentiometer
1854AD5207BRU50-REEL72-Channel, 256-Position Digital Potentiometer
1855AD521Integrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
1856AD521012-Bit Successive Approximation High Acquisition A/D Converter
1858AD521212-Bit Succesive Approximation High Accuracy A/D Converters
1859AD5212BD12-Bit Succesive Approximation High Accuracy A/D Converters
1860AD5212TD12-Bit Succesive Approximation High Accuracy A/D Converters
1861AD5212TD/883B12-Bit Succesive Approximation High Accuracy A/D Converters
1863AD521512-Bit Successive Approximation High Accuracy A/D Converters
1864AD521JIntegrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
1865AD521JDIntegrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
1866AD521KIntegrated circuit precision instrumentation amplifier
1867AD521KDIntegrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
1868AD521LDIntegrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
1869AD521SIntegrated circuit precision instrumentation amplifier
1870AD521SDIntegrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
1871AD521SD/883BIntegrated Circuit Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
1872AD522High Accuracy Data Acquisition Instrumentation Amplifier
1873AD5220Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1874AD5220BN10Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1875AD5220BN100Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1876AD5220BN50Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1877AD5220BR10Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1878AD5220BR100Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1879AD5220BR50Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1880AD5220BRM10Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1881AD5220BRM100Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1882AD5220BRM50Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1883AD5222Dual, Increment/Decrement Digital Potentiometer
1884AD5222BR10Increment/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1885AD5222BR100Increment/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1886AD5222BR1MIncrement/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1887AD5222BR50Increment/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1888AD5222BRU10Increment/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1889AD5222BRU100Increment/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1890AD5222BRU1MIncrement/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1891AD5222BRU50Increment/Decrement Dual Digital Potentiometer
1892AD522764-Position Digital Up/Down Control Potentiometer
1893AD5227BUJ10-RL764-Position Digital Up/Down Control Potentiometer
1894AD5227BUJ100-RL764-Position Digital Up/Down Control Potentiometer
1895AD5227BUJ50-RL764-Position Digital Up/Down Control Potentiometer
1896AD5227BUJZ10-R264-Position Digital Up/Down Control Potentiometer
1897AD5227BUJZ10-R2264-Position Up/Down Control Digital Potentiometer
1898AD5227BUJZ10-RL764-Position Digital Up/Down Control Potentiometer
1899AD5227BUJZ10-RL7264-Position Up/Down Control Digital Potentiometer
1900AD5227BUJZ100-R264-Position Digital Up/Down Control Potentiometer

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