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No.Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
51AK4384192KHz 106dB DAC, single-ended outputsAKM
52AK4385108dB 192kHz 24-Bit 2ch DACAKM
53AK438624-bit, 3V, 96kHz stereo DACAKM
54AK439324-bit 96K 120dB S(N+D) 100dBAKM
55AK4393VFAdvanced multi-bit 96kHz 24-bit DACAKM
56AK439424-bit 192K 120dB S(N+D) 100dBAKM
57AK4394VFAdvanced multi-bit 192kHz 24-bit DACAKM
58AK439524-bit 192K 120dB, 110dB digital filter HIGHEST PERFORMANCEAKM
59AK4516AVF3V 16-bit ADC & DAC with built-in PGAAKM
60AK4520A-VF100dB 20-bit stereo ADC & DACAKM
61AK452220-bit 48kHz 100dB stereo codec w/soft muteAKM
62AK4522VF20-bit stereo ADC & DACAKM

63AK452320-bit 48kHz 100dB stereo codecAKM
64AK4523VF20-bit stereo ADC & DACAKM
65AK452424-bit 96kHz 110dB codec with IPGA, DATT, soft muteAKM
66AK4524VF24-bit 96kHz audio CODECAKM
67AK452520-bit 100dB codec with soft mute, Xtal modeAKM
68AK4527BMulti-channel audio CODECAKM
69AK452824-bit 96kHz 110dB codec with DATT, soft muteAKM
70AK453716-bit, 48KHz codec with SPKR, HP, MIC ampsAKM
71AK4538Low-power codec for portables, PDAAKM
72AK4541Multimedia audio CODECAKM
73AK4543AC97 Codec Rev2.1 5VAKM
74AK4544AAC97 Codec Rev2.1 + SRCAKM
75AK4545AC97 Codec Rev2.1 + S/PDIF TransmitterAKM
76AK4550VTLow-cost, low power 16-bit 3V stereo codecAKM
77AK4551Low power & small package 20bit CODECAKM
78AK455224bit 96K 3VAKM
79AK4562Low power 20bit CODECAKM
81AK4564VQ16bit Mic/Hp/Spk AMP & D-ALC/EQAKM
82AK4565Low-power 20-bit codec with 4-input mux, ALCAKM
83AK458424-bit 192kHz DAC, 96KkHz ADC, 192kHZ S/PDIF Xcvr.AKM
84AK4586AK4527 + DIRAKM
85AK4588High Performance 2/8-channel 24-bit CODEC with DIR/DIT for Digital A/V EquipmentAKM
86AK46262-channel 96KHz ADC+6-channel 192KHz DACAKM
87AK46282-channel 96KHz ADC+8-channel 192KHz DACAKM
88AK464016-bit CODEC w/ mono ADC, stereo DAC, headphone amp, PLL, line outputAKM
89AK465016-bit stereo CODEC with microphone amp, headphone amp, speaker amp, and touch-screen controllerAKM
90AK4702SCART A/V switch with Integrated 2VRMS DACAKM
91AK520SISDN NT1 TransceiverAKM
92AK5350-VFEnchanced dual bit 20 bit ADCAKM
93AK5351-VFEnchanced dual bit 20 bit ADCAKM
94AK5352-VFSampling 20 bit ADCAKM
95AK535324-bit 96K low-power, small size, 96dBAKM
96AK5353VT24 bit ADC with single-ended inputAKM
97AK535420-bit 48K 89dB with 2-input selector, IPGAAKM
98AK535516-bit AD +15dB Pre-amp, low-cost, low powerAKM
99AK5355VN16-bit ADC +15dB Pre-amp, low power, QFN packageAKM
100AK5356Low-power ADC for portable applicationsAKM

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